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ESL Editing Services and ESL Proofreading Services for ESL Authors

What do our ESL editors do?

If you’re an ESL (English-as-a-second-language) author looking to write and submit an English-language academic paper to a journal or your professor, you are probably staring at an uphill task. Choosing the right word, constructing correct sentences, following the right academic conventions—these can all be pretty daunting. But you do know your subject, and your submission deserves to be evaluated based on the merit of your research, and not rejected simply because of the quality of English.
So how do you get across the language barrier? We can help!

Having worked with over 60,000 ESL researchers and students worldwide, our ESL editors are proficient in ESL editing and ESL proofreading for ESL authors. They understand the specific issues that you face when writing academic papers in English—sentence structure, clarity, academic style, word choice, etc. And our English-language ESL academic editing and ESL proofreading services are tailored to tackle and eliminate those issues and prepare a final manuscript that reflects native English.

The pressure to publish in English has intensified over the years. With most high-impact publications being in English, scholars across the world are encouraged to communicate their research in a non-native language to increase outreach and citations and build a global reputation. To help authors combat this challenge, ESL editors help refine the language and presentation of their research manuscripts. Editors at Editage specialize in assisting ESL authors in checking their work and making correct word choices, improving sentence construction, or helping them smoothly transition from one sentence to the next. Our editors are native English speakers who are also rigorously trained to eliminate language and grammar errors, improve the structure, and lend a native English tone to research manuscripts increasing ESL authors’ chances of publication success.

Our 4-step filter process:

We search over 34576 journals to find you the right one

Scope of each journal

is analysed to find you the best match for your manuscript.

Your specifications

are thoroughly considered before recommending the right journals

Desired impact factor & target readership

are considered so that we choose journals that provide your work with the most impact.

Manuscript type

is matched with the most impactful journals to ensure correct submission.
Advanced Editing
For authors who
  • have organised content
  • need only sentence-level editing, and
  • are confident their paper needs very few revisions before and after journal submission
  • Detailed language check (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and terminology check)
  • Detailed language check (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and terminology check)
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Premium Editing
For authors who
  • are targeting well-known journals,
  • want to collaborate with our editors to submit the best version of their manuscript to the journal,
  • expect rounds of revisons before journal submission, and
  • have limited experience in writing well-organized papers
  • Comprehensive language check with extensive revisions (rephrasing, reorganization, logic, and clarity)
  • Customized cover letter & manuscript assessment report
  • Unlimited free re-edits for 365 days
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Scientific Editing
For authors who
  • have organised content
  • need only sentence-level editing, and
  • are confident their paper needs very few revisions before and after journal submission
  • Detailed language check (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and terminology check)
  • Unlimited Q&A with the editor
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3 ESL editing services designed to suit every academic need

To meet all kinds of requirements for editorial support, we offer three levels of ESL editing services.

  • Advanced Editing: This ESL editing service will help polish your paper’s language and eliminate all grammatical and typographical errors. It will also ensure that appropriate terminology, tone, style, format, and writing conventions are followed.
  • Premium Editing: This service is designed especially for research papers written by ESL authors who wish to submit their research manuscripts to reputable international journals. The aim is to not only free your paper of language errors and lend it a native English tone but also to enhance its impact by improving the structure and logical flow. In addition, you will receive a cover letter for journal submission and a manuscript assessment report. You will also get free multiple-round editing for 365 days and access to exclusive services like Editor Q&A on Call.
  • Scientific Editing: In this ESL editing service, you will find all the features of Premium Editing with 2 additional submission-critical benefits: A detailed peer review of your work by a top-tier journal peer reviewer and a review plus edit of your responses to journal feedback. The service also includes unlimited rounds of re-editing, formatting for your target journal, and iThenticate plagiarism checks. In sum, it is the complete journal-readiness package!


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