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Essay Editing Services, Essay Proofreading and Essay Review Services

Essay Editing Services: How it can help you

Your essay sets you apart from the crowd—it demonstrates your ability to think and write with clarity. Whether you're applying to a college or for a job, your essay is ultimately about you and your perspective. So why is it important to edit your essay and how can we help you? We focus on language and presentation, eliminating errors that distract the evaluation committee and shift their focus away from the substance of your essay. Only a limited number of students can gain admission to the institute of your choice, and by ensuring that your essay reflects high standards of English, we help you submit an essay that stands out from the thousands of other applications. Try our essay editing and essay proofreading services today!

Our 4-step filter process:

We search over 34576 journals to find you the right one

Scope of each journal

is analysed to find you the best match for your manuscript.

Your specifications

are thoroughly considered before recommending the right journals

Desired impact factor & target readership

are considered so that we choose journals that provide your work with the most impact.

Manuscript type

is matched with the most impactful journals to ensure correct submission.
Advanced Editing
For authors who
  • have organised content
  • need only sentence-level editing, and
  • are confident their paper needs very few revisions before and after journal submission
  • Detailed language check (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and terminology check)
  • Detailed language check (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and terminology check)
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Premium Editing
For authors who
  • are targeting well-known journals,
  • want to collaborate with our editors to submit the best version of their manuscript to the journal,
  • expect rounds of revisons before journal submission, and
  • have limited experience in writing well-organized papers
  • Comprehensive language check with extensive revisions (rephrasing, reorganization, logic, and clarity)
  • Customized cover letter & manuscript assessment report
  • Unlimited free re-edits for 365 days
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Scientific Editing
For authors who
  • have organised content
  • need only sentence-level editing, and
  • are confident their paper needs very few revisions before and after journal submission
  • Detailed language check (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and terminology check)
  • Unlimited Q&A with the editor
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Our Academic Essay Editing Services and Proofreading Process


Select a plan

that meets your specific requirements, upload your manuscript, and choose your preferred delivery schedule. Remember to also select any add-on service that you may need.

AI-based algorithm

Our AI-based algorithm assigns your manuscript to a subject matter specialist who then evaluates the overall structure and flow of your manuscript.

2-level check

Your manuscript undergoes a stringent 2-level check to ensure high quality improvements by our BELS-certified English editors.

Notification via email

You will receive a notification via email once your manuscript has been checked, proofread, and corrected. The final files can be downloaded after completing your payment.
Academic Essay Editing and Proofreading Service Highlights

Authors usually get so involved in the writing their essay that they sometimes miss spotting grammatical errors and mistakes in sentence structure and syntax. This is why getting your essay edited and proofread by a professional essay editor is crucial. Editage’s Essay Editing services provide a host of benefits to authors including:

  • A team of 3,000+ experienced English editors that focus on delivering an impeccably formatted manuscript, with proper sentence construction and grammar and in-depth checks for missing structural elements or incomplete sections.
  • Expertise across 1,600+ subject areas to match your manuscript with the most suitable experts in your field and ensure a clearly defined narrative and accurate use of technical terminology.
  • A comprehensive 2-level editor review system that gets your paper checked by two leading experts in your subject area for excellent quality English editing. You can also benefit from free re-editing over a 12-month period with our Premium editing and Scientific editing plans.
  • High standards of data security to ensure the confidentiality of manuscripts. Our editors honor a strict NDA and our systems are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified so any files you submit for editing are 100% safe and secure.
  • Additional services like a plagiarism check to eliminate any chance of accidental duplication in your paper when referring to previously published research articles.
  • Quality and delivery guaranteed with strict adherence to deadlines without compromising on quality
Here is what our Essay Editors do:

Editing and proofreading your academic or scientific essay is a critical part of your journey towards successful publication. However, it is common for authors to develop a blind spot and inadvertently miss errors in language, grammar, and formatting. To help authors write impressive academic essays, Editage’s professional Essay Editing services provide in-depth editing support allowing authors to submit error-free, well-written, and impactful manuscripts.

  • Detailed editing and proofreading by BELS-certified editors with domain expertise, who are fluent in English and possess a thorough knowledge of various standard formatting styles and journal guidelines.
  • English essay editors who not only review your essay to eliminate grammatical and typographical errors but also improve sentence structure and maintain consistency in tone and language for better readability.
  • A two-step quality control process that ensures your essay is first evaluated and proofread by qualified subject-matter experts, and then as a second step, is edited by a native English language reviewer to ensure the very highest quality.
  • Unlimited and timely Q&A with your editor until you are fully satisfied with the delivered document.
  • Free and unlimited rounds of editing with Editage’s Premium Editing and Scientific Editing services. Alternatively, you can choose an additional round of editing at a discount with our Advanced Editing service.

Types of documents can you use our Essay Editing services for

Student essays

Assignments and term papers

Essays for graduate applications


Research reports


Case reports

Grant proposals


Annual reports


Papers edited


Authors served

20+ years

Editing Experience

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