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Professional Journal Article Proofreading for top language quality

How are language and journal article publishing related? Here’s how: The competition to publish articles in international peer-reviewed journals is more intensive than ever before. And to cope with the increasing number of submissions, journals employ stringent submission and peer review processes. In this scenario, the quality of language in your journal article is a critical factor—while your research may be of importance, poor English could result in initial rejection and publication delays.

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How can journal article editing help you in successfully publishing an article?

Peer reviewers will be looking out for innovative research that is well-structured, well-written, and well-formatted. Having edited over 280,000 journal articles across 515 disciplines and thousands of journals, our editors know what it takes to successfully publish a journal article in a peer-reviewed journal. By ensuring that your paper is formatted correctly and that the language matches the journal’s standards, they can help you maximize your chances of getting published.

Three-step editing model

The Premium Editing and Scientific Editing services follow a three-step editing model.

Manuscript-Editor Pairing

An academic/scientific editor with specialized subject-area expertise is chosen to work on your article.

Editing and Journal Formatting

Your editor helps you prepare a submission-ready journal article by reviewing and correcting the following aspects.


You receive your edited journal article, review it, and contact your editor in case of any doubts or questions.

How it works


Appointing the right editors

Once you place an order, our quality control algorithms ensure that your manuscript is assigned to the most suitable editors with subject knowledge in your research domain.


The two-step edit process


Paper re-editing support

30% faster acceptance rate i


Advanced Editing

Premium Editing

Scientific Editing Pro

Corrects errors in grammar, spelling, and technical terminology. Improves sentence structure for better readability

Improves overall manuscript structure by correcting problems in the organization and flow of content. Free re-editing for 12 months.

Strengthens your overall research design based on advice from experts with journal peer review experience. Includes a detailed content review report.

Services Available

Sentence by sentence correction of grammar

Consistency & accuracy of domain specific terminology

In-depth check for format, terminologies and citations by a subject area experts

Improvements in structure, logic & flow of content

EDITAGE EXCLUSIVEExpert recommendation and content improvements by peer reviewers

PREMIUM FEATUREResponse letter check and multiple rounds of journal formatting

Protects you from post submission rejects

$0.026/word (after 35% discount)

Premium editing by editors with average 20+ years' experience

Recommended for

Authors who have organized their content and only want sentence-level language editing.

Authors who have limited experience in writing well-organized papers for journals.

Authors targeting top-class journals which have high standards for research content.

Additional services

Edit and review by 2 editors

Editing certificate to submit to your target journal  sample

Q&A with your editor

EDITAGE EXCLUSIVEEditor Consultation on Call

$200 (after 20% discount)

$200 (after 20% discount)

Formatting as per target journal guidelines

1 Journal FREE

1 Journal FREE

Multiple journals FREE

1 round (@60% discount) for 365 days

Unlimited for 12 Months FREE

Unlimited for 12 Months FREE

Cover letter  sample

Plagiarism check report   sample


Unlimited rounds FREE

Scientific review report  sample



papers edited


authors served


subjects covered




years of experience

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