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Post Editorial Support Services and Editorial Help

After you’ve achieved writing, seeking post editorial support services, and finally submitting your paper to the appropriate journal, there is still one more step you may need for publishing success. At Editage, we understand there is still a chance your paper may need additional changes before it is accepted for publication. By offering post editorial support services and editorial help, we assure you that we will continue to do whatever it takes to ensure publication success.

Post editorial support services include:

Free re-editing for 365 days with premium editing service for same journal

Help to understand the journal reviewers’ comments

Clarifying the specific editorial changes required

Help to create an appropriate response

Editorial help in preparing a revised manuscript when needed

Discounted re-editing with advanced editing services

English Editorial Support Services

When you receive a response from the publication that includes reviewer comments or requests to make specific changes, English editorial support is crucial. You’ll need someone to explain the needed changes and provide the editorial support needed to re-submit your paper to meet the expectations of the journal.It’s like having your own personal editorial assistant!

Re-Submission and Continuous Editorial Support

Once you make the revisions based on your editor’s recommendations, re-submit the paper to us for another round of edit before re-submitting to the journal. We even help you to craft a response letter to go along with your revised paper.


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