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Experimental Plan in Research & Experimental Research Design Services

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  • Get a freelance scientist to help you design an experiment or study, optimize a clinical trial, perform statistical analysis, and more.
  • Customize the scope as per your requirement and budget.
  • Consult a PhD-qualified biologist, food scientist, data analyst or engineer, who can help you reduce variability, test hypotheses, and make accurate inferences from your experiment.

Experimental plan in research - A subject specialist will ensure a robust study design


Understand predefined methods decreed to standardize research


Ensure a varied sample to arrive at an unbiased conclusion,

Measurements and

Use appropriate tools and scientific instruments to accomplish neutral results.


Identify and establish the problem to be solved.


Determine the starting point of an investigation, a basis for reasoning.


Outline variables that will play key role in the research

Choose from 10000+ freelance experts

PhDs across 1000+ specialized disciplines that can help you with secondary research, competitive analysis, or to research a specific product.

  • Kiranam Chatti

    PhD, Pharmacology and Toxicology University of Mississippi
    Biotechnology, Academic Writing
  • Michael Chen

    PhD, Psychology Stanford University
    Neurology, Academic Writing
  • Helen Mitchell

    PhD, Food Science & Technology University of Reading
    Food Science & Tech, Nutrition Science
  • Lisa Skipper

    PhD, Molecular Genetics University College London
    Genetics & Genomics, Neurology

What is Experimental Plan in Research Design

Experimental plan in research study design is an investigative approach that enables researchers to undertake their study systematically. It helps researchers carefully plan and prepare for their study, and includes identifying and establishing specific objectives, optimal methodology, and structured ways to analyze outcomes. Well-constructed experimental study designs are essential to correctly plan your experiment and research, evaluate the right sample size, guarantee the validity and accessibility of findings, and ensure that they are interpreted without intentional or accidental bias. For most researchers, optimizing a study design can be challenging and getting professional inputs can help fast-track the process.

Editage’s experimental design study service helps you design your study effectively by assigning you one of our 10,000+ subject-matter experts to assist you with designing your experiment, optimize clinical trials and secondary research, perform statistical and competitive analysis, and more!

How to develop an effective Experimental Plan in Research and Experimental Research Design?

Creating an experimental study design can be easy if done in a systematic way by following these key steps –

  • Establish a clear and specific research question that focuses on the variables and their correlation
  • Write a precise, testable hypothesis that addresses your research question
  • Identify the participants for the study
  • Undertake your experiments using defined methodologies and reliable scientific tools
  • Collate data on outcomes using valid measurements that minimize bias or error
  • Analyze and validate the dependent variables and results and develop a final report
What are the benefits of an experimental plan in research and experimental research design?

Experimental study design is often termed as the ‘gold standard’ by most high impact journals and the scholarly publishing world in general.

  • It enables researchers to test, evaluate, and understand the cause-effect relationship by assessing clearly defined independent variables which you can manipulate or control.
  • A robust study design helps ensure that results are interpreted without intentional or accidental bias.
  • Experimental study design can be used for research conducted in the field as well as laboratory settings.
  • Such study design can also help determine if a study is reproducible and establish confidence that the results of a study are valid.
10,000+Subject Area Freelance Experts
across the globe are associated with Editage

Our a specialist in experimental design, DOX or DOE, has helped over 20,000+ researchers in designing a robust experiment and arrive at reliable conclusions.Our Technology does a real-time search to not just find you any expert, but the most suited ones for your subject of study. We will shortlist and invite the most relevant and suitable experts for the project.

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    Center for Medicine in the Public Interest

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