Strengthen your research with our Statistical Analysis & Review Services

  • Eliminate data errors, discover new patterns, and draw impactful conclusions
  • Make your research reliable by complying with standard reporting guidelines
  • Choose from statistical solutions for every stage of your research

Our Statistical Analysis and Review Services

Let our experts help you get rid of statistical errors, analyze vital data trends and connections, and strengthen your overarching research argument so you can submit your manuscript with confidence.

Simple Statistical Analysis



TIME: 5 business days

Use some of the most popular statistical analysis methods to sort and present quantitative data effectively with assistance for
  • Organizing and preparing your data for analysis

  • Conducting a Normality test to identify trends and outliers

  • Descriptive statistics and summary, and frequency tables

  • Optimizing visual presentation with appropriate graphs

  • Performing basic analysis using Chi-Square tests and T-tests

Statistical Review Support



TIME: 5 business days

If you’ve analyzed your data but need an expert’s views and feedback, Editage’s Statistical Review Service will choose the right statistician to help
  • Check your methods and how well they answer your research problem

  • Repeat the analysis to corroborate the results and confirm reproducibility

  • Get useful feedback on statistical methods, analysis, and results, with advice for corrective action

Complex Statistical Analysis



TIME: 7 business days

Use sophisticated tools such as SPSS, R, or STATA, with the help of expert statisticians in your field of study. You'll get support to
  • Conduct multiple regression, ANOVA, ANACOVA

  • Identify results that help establish significance

  • Draw crucial inferences from the results

  • Present relevant results in tables/graphs

  • Detect potential limitations and weaknesses

Other Statistical Support Services

Statistical design for grant proposals

Get support from expert statisticians to create the statistical methods section for your grant application

Sample size calculation

Determine the appropriate sample size for your research study to detect statistical significance

Research study design

Design the overall research strategy to integrate different components of the study in a coherent and logical way

Data preparation

Make your data ready for analysis by taking care of missed values or null values, removing outliers etc.

Statistical support for every stage in your research journey

We ensure researchers receive statistical guidance at all major touchpoints of publication.

Research design & methods

  • Statistical Design for Grant Proposals
  • Questionnaire design
  • Sample size calculation
  • Research Study Design

Data collection & ethical consideration

  • Review ethical requirements & informed consent
  • Data extraction for systematic review

Inferential data analysis

  • Data preparation
  • Descriptive statistics using measures of central tendency
  • Advanced data analysis (T-tests, ANOVA, correlation, regression, etc.)
  • Interpretation of results

Writing the manuscript

  • Statistical Check/Review
  • Optimal data presentation and visualization and figures

Research Publication

  • Response to reviewer comments regarding research methods and statistical analysis

Exclusive Editage Benefits

Get access to
a large pool of statistics experts

We handpick experts from a global pool of 3,000+ experienced technical experts and statisticians trained in a variety of statistical analysis techniques.

Consult 1:1 with an Editage statistician before you start

Create a customized plan, explain your requirements, and discuss timelines before your project begins, with a 1:1 consultation with your statistician.

Receive expert feedback and recommendations

Validate your analysis and inferences, get detailed feedback about its accuracy and suitability, and suggestions for responding to reviewers’ comments.

Leave the final checks to our publication experts

Avoid errors in analyzing data with support from statistical experts to help present a robust data analysis and conduct a thorough review of your work.

We use best-in-class data analysis tools and software

How our Statistical Analysis and Review services work


Placing an order for the service of your choice

Choose a suitable service package, share your exact requirements, and upload the final data files. If your request is complex, we will set up a call with our statistician to clarify the details and confirm the project plan before starting the work.


Choosing the most suitable experts


Delivering reviewed files

What we need from you

01 All your project requirements

02 Clearly defined objectives of your research study

03 Information on methodologies used to gather and analyze data

04 Accurate and clearly labelled data you would like us to review

05 Specific guidelines to be followed when reviewing data

06 Reference links to previously published data

What customers say about our Statistical Analysis and Review Services

  • Thank you very much. I am a happy customer; I do appreciate your commitment and the quality of resul... Read more

    Dr. Zoubir BOUDI , Medical Professional

    Public health, Geriatrics, Nursing, and Occupational health

  • The statistical analysis is comprehensive and much better. Thanks for the statistical analysis.

    Dr. Mandreker Bahall , Lecturer


  • Dear Editage, Thank you for your amazing job.

    Dr. Saleh S Alnajashi , Student


  • Thank you once again for your continued support. I highly appreciate the service you provide to educ... Read more

    Dr. Aya Luckel Semoto , Lecturer


  • The comments from the statistical experts were useful, thank you.

    Dr. Yumiko Kinoshita , Researcher

    Clinical Oncology

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