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Chinese to English Translation Services

High-Quality Traditional and Simplified Chinese to English Translation Services and English Chinese Translation Services with Editing Support

Inaccurate translation and literal translation are common problems authors face when their documents in Chinese are translated into English.
Editage’s subject-specialist translators and editors have the expertise you need to publish in the best SCI/EI/SSCI journals, including Nature and IEEE. We have professional experts in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and they can convert your paper—with all its subject-specific terms and phrases—into publication-ready English, while staying completely true to your original meaning.
We guarantee that your final document will accurately convey your original meaning and meet the language standards of prestigious English-language journals. In case you are not fully satisfied with our quality, we will retranslate your paper or return your fee—no questions asked.
Try our Chinese to English translation services now! Get special prices for documents with higher word counts.

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Although we specialize in academic translation, our translation service is suitable for all Chinese documents that need to be translated into English, including non-academic content such as user manuals, financial reports, and fiction and non-fiction books. We also offer reverse translation, i.e., English to Chinese translation services.

Four-step translation process

Our stringent quality-centric processes ensure that you can submit your manuscript to an English-language journal with confidence.


A professional translator with experience in your subject translates your manuscript written in Traditional or Simplified Chinese into English, focusing on technical terminology and subject-area conventions.

Bilingual review

A bilingual expert checks the accuracy of the translation and ensures that your original meaning is conveyed.

Language edit

An experienced subject-specialist editor checks the translated copy for language, grammar, clarity, fluency, punctuation, style, and formatting.

Final review

A senior reviewer conducts a final check to ensure that all your requirements have been met before sending you the final, publication-ready files.

Stepwise sample to understand our 4 levels of Chinese to English translation

We guarantee exceptional quality with our four levels of translation process to ensure that your manuscript is fully optimized for international journals.

Original manuscript

1. Translation

2. Bilingual review

3. Language edit

4. Final review


Additional services and support

We provide free, value-added benefits to help you make the most of our expertise. Our expert translators and editors will work with you even after we have sent you the translated manuscript. Check out the free benefits we provide and our post-translation support services.

Free Journal-specific Formatting

Free and
Unlimited Q&A

100% Quality

Free Editing

60% Discount on
Re-editing Support

Free Journal-specific Formatting

Understanding and implementing journal guidelines can be a time- and effort-intensive process. Our experts will format the translated manuscript according to the guidelines of your target journal.

Here are some of the aspects that our experts will check:

  1. Does your manuscript meet the prescribed word limit?
  2. Do the figures and tables follow the specified style?
  3. Does the manuscript follow the language style required?
  4. Have the references and in-text citations been presented as specified?
  5. Have you followed the overall layout requirements such as margins, spacing, alignment, and section breaks?

We also offer translation services for these language pairs and more.

We translate documents in other languages too, but have avoided putting up a long list here. We also offer translation from English into other languages. Request a quote for your manuscript written in any language.


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