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Academic Translation with Editing

Academic Translation with Editing

Academic Translation Services

Get a publication-ready translated manuscript

Publication Ready Manuscript Editage translation service can help you overcome the language barrier by translating your academic paper into English and editing it thoroughly, so that you can submit it to an English-language journal with confidence. Our translation service is designed help you prepare a publication-ready manuscript that not only meets international English standards but also communicates your research clearly. Our qualified translators have subject-specific translation experience, and our editors have strong domain knowledge and language skills. Papers translated and edited by us have been published in international English-language journals such as Nature and IEEE.


We specialize in translating academic and scientific documents, conference proceedings, and presentations across a range of subjects—from medicine and life sciences to engineering and business.

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Why choose the Editage translation service

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  • Subject-specific translation and editing to give you a publication-ready manuscript
  • Access to a team of experienced translators and editors
  • ISO-certified confidentiality and IT security systems
  • 100% on-time delivery and complete quality assurance
  • Secure customer information management - ISO/IEC 27001:2005-certified security management system
  • Convenient online job-management system to manage your submissions securely

How it works

We follow a thorough translation, edit, and review process to ensure that you receive a manuscript that not only retains the original meaning but is also publication-ready.

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