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27 Hilarious academic Twitter profiles you need to start following today
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Riffyn: Tool review and tutorial for researchers
Research in many subject areas or fields involves the collection, archiving, and analysis of large amounts of data. From graduate students to veteran professors, laboratory notebooks are the holy... Read More
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‘Academic Hijacking’ - Avoiding dark alleys of academic crime
Do you know what journal editors want from you? In this post a journal editor talks about how the predatory publishing and academic hijacking are very much like street crime. Read on to know what you... Read More
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Aashima Dogra and Nandita Jayaraj are independent science journalists and founders of the unique project “The Life of Science,” a platform that features interviews with and blog posts by women scientists in India. The duo travels across the country to chronicle the lives of women scientists in labs. Their aim is to share the stories of these researchers with the world and to give their work more visibility.