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Submission and Peer Review
China is emerging as one of the leaders in global scientific output and research. But what about the current quality of Chinese journals and is it related to a difference between how China and the...
Submission and Peer Review
Discussions about peer review usually revolve around incentivizing peer review, acknowledging reviewers, and making their contribution count. But isn’t being a peer reviewer a form of recognition in...
Submission and Peer Review
This article explains how to conduct peer review of a scientific manuscript and write a review report
Peer reviewing a scientific manuscript can be a difficult task for first time reviewers. This article lists the main responsibilities of a peer reviewer, explains how a reviewer can evaluate a...
Submission and Peer Review
As the volume of publishing is increasing, journal editors are finding it increasingly difficult to appoint reviewers as many refuse review requests. What are the reasons behind this refusal apart...
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Overview of Taylor & Francis report
Peer review is considered by most scholars to be a reliable method of evaluating research qualitatively. But what are the perspectives of authors, peer reivewers, and journal editors on peer review?...
Hello everyone! I sent my manuscript to a journal with a good impact factor (...
Quiz: Do you know what it takes to be a good peer reviewer?
Take this quiz to find out how much you know about conducting peer review of a...

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Top 10 questions authors have on peer review
Peer review can be a long-drawn process that involves long waiting periods, understanding the various stages of the review process, dealing with reviewer comments, responding to those comments, and... Read More
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What are the common types of scientific peer review?
Peer review as we know it today has evolved through the years to accommodate different journals' management styles as well as the increasing volume of journal submissions. This infographic lists and... Read More


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Denmark-born, American anthropologist Dr. Helle V. Goldman shares insights from her 16-year experience as Chief Editor of Polar Research. She talks candidly about what kind of papers are immediately eliminated, how closely she works with her peer reviewers, and how difference in opinions between reviewers is handled.

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