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Guaranteed quality, on-time delivery, helpful editors, unrivalled expertise…

these are just some of the reasons why authors choose to work with us again and again. Browse through the author experiences below and see what our clients have to say.

Cem Kurt

Trakya University

Editage is very punctual. You can get response to your request, immediately. Also I think that Edita... read entire story

Poowin Bunyavejchewin

Walailak University, School of Liberal Arts

The unique and extremely helpful thing about Editage is its professionalism and punctuality! For non... read entire story

Hayfaa Alshamarry

Medical Analysis, Doctor
University of the Qar

Editage is unique and helpful service. I am happy to have account with it. For me, editing is import... read entire story

Ugur Erdemir

Associate Professor
Istanbul University

Its really a high quality editing service and I'm quite pleased about the work. If an author is seek... read entire story

Cuneyt Kocas

Medical Doctor
Cardiology Institute of Istanbul University

Editage’s editing service improved the quality of my papers' language and helped me to publish my pa... read entire story

Khalid Saad

National University Malaysia

I am just writing to express my sincere gratitude for your professional and high quality work were g... read entire story

Anirut Pipatprapa

National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

The main reason for me to choose editorial service is english is not my mother language and I'm not ... read entire story

Osman Titrek

Associate Professor

Editage means on time. Everytime they gave me my academic paper as the best editing and on time when... read entire story

Dr. Huseynova

Associate Professor
Azerbaijan Medical University, Azerbaijan

I am not a native English speaker, and the main cause for searching editorial servise was to find th... read entire story

Maria Folming

Business philosophy

We are using Editage services for proofreading, since they are far the best you can find online. We ... read entire story

Dr. Jang

Assistant Professor
Jeju National University College of Medicine, South Korea

Basically everything is challenging when I write a paper. Everytime I start to write a paper, I real... read entire story

Tiago Freire

Xi'an JiaoTong-Liverpool University

Editage has not only helped me in proofreading my articles but also successfully guided me in the se... read entire story

Alex Farr

Assistant Professor
Medical University of Vienna

Editage Services is a professional partner that enhances the individual ability to write and publish... read entire story

Walid Alsaqaf

Orebro University

Fantastic work indeed! I am impressed by the detailed comments and checking of numbers/facts corresp... read entire story

Mong-Wei Lin

National Taiwan University Hospital, Hsin-chu branch,
Thoracic Surgery, Attending Physician,
Thoracic Oncology and Pathology,

Editage provide users a chance to discuss with our Editor directly. I think it is very useful. Since... read entire story

Dr. Erman


This my first time writing a manuscript to publish on international journal.Before sending the manus... read entire story

Dr. Kwak

Post-Doc Teaching Fellow
Sam Houston State University, United States of America

As an international scholar, I have been feeling difficulties in writing and structuring native Engl... read entire story

César Márquez-Quiroz


The editing service is excellent. The two papers that have been english-edited were published. Now i... read entire story

Hirohisa Shimura

Adjunct Professor
Temple University Japan Campus

Without Editage, I cannot imagine that I could publish two articles and complete my Ph.D. course. A ... read entire story

Gabor David Kiss

University of Szeged

Editage provided me a fast and elaborated support in language editing to meet publishing requirement... read entire story

Dr. Sharma

Jaswant Rai Speciality Hospital, India

Suggested by editor of EUS journal thought they will take care of grammatical errors. Surprisingly t... read entire story


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