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  • Translations done by a bilingual subject matter expert
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  • A 4-step translation and review process to deliver perfection

Translation of all top languages

Brazilian Portuguese

At Editage, we bring you a unique synergy of cutting-edge technology, highly experienced language experts, and multi-layered quality processes for all your academic translation needs, making sure that your research gets all the success it deserves. Whatever your need may be, our team of experts is here to make sure that your paper is not just translated, but also treated in such a way that it retains its quality and essence.

Journal Papers

For authors who want to get published in international journals or want to translate their papers for submission, abstracts, case reports, manuscripts for conference presentations or literature reviews for easy reference.

Other General Documents

Cost effective solutions for all kinds of non-academic documents like user manuals, website content, financial reports, articles, letters, blogs or personal statements.

Large Projects

Custom solutions for large scale projects such as books, theses, textbooks, syllabus, web content or business reports.

Our academic translation plans suit every need

Basic Plan

Starting at


  • 2 level AI-assisted translation

  • In-depth review by a bilingual translator with experience in your subject area

  • Languages available : Dutch,French,German,Italian,Polish,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish

  • Complimentary editing & translation certificate

Pro Plan

Starting at



  • 4 level AI-assisted translation and editing

  • In-depth review by a bilingual translator with experience in your subject area

  • Languages available : Portuguese,Spanish

  • Complimentary editing & translation certificate

Traditional Plan

Starting at


  • 4-step translation and editing by bilingual and native experts

  • In-depth review by a bilingual translator with experience in your subject area

  • Languages available : Brazilian Portuguese,Japanese,Korean,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

  • Complimentary editing & translation certificate

Stepwise sample to understand our 4 levels of translation

We guarantee exceptional quality with our four layers of translation to ensure that your document reaches 100% perfection with every step.

Original manuscript

1. Translation

2. Bilingual review

3. Language edit

4. Final review

Original manuscript

Exclusive Editage benefits

Free Editing

Many international journals require an editing certificate from a non-English native author at the time of submission. In order to assist a more seamless publishing journey, we issue such certificates for manuscripts that have already been proofread.

Free Journal
Specific Formatting

Your manuscripts need to be consistent and in accordance with the submission requirements of your target journal. With their extensive experience in formatting styles such as APA, MLA, ACS and AMA, our editors ensure your papers are ready for publication down to the very last detail.

60% off on
Re-Editing Support

Have you revised your manuscript after we translated it? Would you like our experts to re-edit it for you? You can now opt for our re-editing support with a flat 60% discount on the price. This support is only available for authors who would like us to check the changes they’ve made to their manuscript.

Additional features you can choose

Multiple Rounds
of translation

Our tranlsation experience with more than 400,000 clients has shown that many articles have undergone at least two revisions before being published. To reduce the cost of your retranslation, editage offers you this service.We will retranslate as many times as you like for a year by adding the retranslation option when you place your first order.

Response letter check and
Multiple rounds of journal formatting

Increases your chances of acceptance with unlimited support in cross-checking and editing your response to journal's feedback. Get reformatting done for multiple journals within 365 days. Preferred by 80% customers


Every journal has specific guidelines for technical artwork, which can often be taxing for a research scholar to understand. Our design specialists understand technical artwork guidelines across a wide variety of journals (and file formats), and modify figures and images as per journal instructions with the greatest accuracy and aesthetic value.


Abstracts play a very important role in communicating your research to journal decision makers and your target audience. Good abstracts reduce the chance of your paper getting rejected. Based on the translated paper of the customer, our native english experts will create an abstract that clearly conveys the main features of your research. Save your time and effort of preparing a well-presented abstract.

How it works



A professional subject-specific translator converts your manuscript into English, focusing on technical terminology and subject-area conventions. For Pro and Basic plans - your paper will first be translated using neural network technology, combining the linguistic knowledge of millions of human minds.


Language Translation Review


Language Edit


Final Review

Guaranteed Quality

In the rare case our work fails to delight you, we’ll re-work on it till you’re 100% happy.

And if you are still not satisfied, you get a full refund, no questions asked.

On Time

We always help you meet your deadlines, often, by turning around work in just 8 hours

And, if we ever miss a promised deadline by even one minute, we offer a full refund.

Highest Standard Data Security

We work hard to protect your work and making all our experts and employees honour a strict NDA.

Your files are also secure on our latest ISO standard systems (ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified).

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