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We at Editage are aware of the increasing pressure that members of the academic research and publishing community are under today. This can sometimes lead to academic authors falling short of industry standards for ethical publication. As a leading provider of editorial and publication support services since 2002, we have on occasion been witness to potential cases of ethical violation while editing research papers. A majority of these cases are instances of “accidental plagiarism” where the authors were unwittingly engaging in an unethical practice, mainly because of lack of information and professional training on the subject.
This realization has made us more aware of our responsibilities toward the academic community. As the first people to look at research papers, even before journal editors do, we can serve as trusted advisors to thousands of researchers, especially early-career scientists not fully aware of the pitfalls of unethical academic publication. The Editage team hereby commits to following the best practices of supporting authors to publish ethically, by implementing essential processes and undertaking initiatives to educate authors and optimize editorial processes..

Editage processes for suspected ethical misconduct

We follow systemic processes to reduce the risk of unethical publication for authors. In each case, we ensure that the issue is resolved before final job delivery.

Process for suspected ethical non-compliance

When we encounter suspected ethical non-compliance in a manuscript, we draw the author’s attention to the issue and suggest the corrective steps to address it.

Process for suspected plagiarism

In case of suspected plagiarism in a manuscript, we draw the author’s attention to the issue and suggest the necessary next steps to rectify it.

Process for suspected duplicate/redundant publication

When we encounter a case of suspected duplication or redundant publication, we suggest the relevant course of action depending on the extent of overlap.

Our educational initiatives for editors and authors

Editage regularly runs awareness campaigns, conducts educational programs, and disseminates material for ethical publication to academic authors and editors worldwide.We have also compiled a comprehensive set of free, downloadable guidelines to help authors publish ethically.

Author education

Awareness campaigns and education

We educate authors on industry guidelines for publication ethics through workshops, webinars, articles, and e-books Editage Insights aims to reach out to and unite researchers, journals, and scholarly publishing professionals around the world, through educative and informative content covering all aspects of academic publishing

Manuscript-level consultation on risks

Our editors look for potential instances of misconduct, notify authors about the risks, and direct them to the location where they can access the target journal’s policies on misconduct, if necessary.

Ethics check with Publication Support Packs

In addition to providing end-to-end assistance throughout the publication process, our Publication Support Packs include an ethics check on manuscripts in order to prevent subsequent journal rejection and/or retraction.

Editorial process optimization

Ethics training for editors and publication experts

Our editors and publication experts are trained to conduct plagiarism checks, interpret plagiarism reports, and communicate the findings to authors.

Setting up a workflow to deal with cases of suspected misconduct

Our editorial team has access to workflow charts that outline the processes to be followed when dealing with a variety of suspected misconduct scenarios; in addition, we continuously share and discuss case studies within the team.

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