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I always knew there was something different about me. I was in 5th grade and I still had problems spelling my name. In exams where I had to write if the answer was “b”…
My journey with dyslexia
Most people only see the published papers and don’t know about the several rejections and revisions leading up to the final publication. So, here, I will give you an…
In scientific publishing, failure is also an option
A journal editor discovers an overlap between one of his journal’s published articles and two other articles published in different journals. The editor suspects that…
How a journal editor deals with salami slicing: A case study
Now that you already know why I became the “Lousy Librarian” in the Twitter-sphere, I’d like to talk about the real world too – where I go through the day-to-day…
  • Guest Author
  • December 12, 2018
A typical day in a librarian's life
Major funders and librarians in China have stated their intent to support and join Plan S, an initiative by a group of European funders to ensure that by 2020 all…
China to support open access in a big way by adopting Plan S
The social sciences are often considered irrelevant as a field of study in India. So, when I decided to pursue the social sciences after completing my…
How I pursued psychology with an undying passion
As a young academic and visiting lecturer, I’m often asked by students, “How did you do it?” So here's a sneak-peek into my secrets; which are in fact, not really…
My students often ask me: "How did you do it all?"
In 2000, I earned a perfect score in my course paper on research methodology. This made me suspicious, because my paper could never have been a perfect 10. It may have…
Becoming the best writer I can be: My unending quest
Editage has now released a new report highlighting geographic patterns in author attitudes toward open access publishing titled “Geographic Trends in Attitudes to Open…
How academics across the globe perceive open access: Insights from a large-scale survey
I started my PhD at my host University. Like anyone starting anything new, I was excited! I thought I would be making a ground-breaking discovery in two years and…