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This is an infographic, created by Mind the Graph, on the top 5 challenges associated with this form of publishing.
INFOGRAPHIC: 5 challenges faced in open access publishing
This infographic, created by Mind the Graph, lists 5 tips on how you may harness the power of AI while upholding the principles of integrity and transparency…
INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Ethical considerations in AI-driven academic research
This infographic, created using Mind the Graph, states 4 benefits of publishing open access.
This infographic, curated by Mind the Graph, lists 5 applications of AI in the academic world.
In the context of biomedical research, count data can be thought of as the number of times an event of interest occurs within a defined sample or population. This…
This International Open Access Week, we bring you a handbook that covers the basics of open access and tips on how to publish your work in open access journals.
To help you understand some of the basic terms related to open access and understand this publishing model better, we are thrilled to offer you a free downloadable…
In the fast-evolving world of biomedical research, principal investigators need a solid understanding of how to handle and analyze data effectively. Check out this…
This downloadable handbook is a peer reviewing guide specifically developed for early career researchers so that they feel empowered to build their reviewing ability and…
Download this free handbook to know how you can forge your identity as a peer reviewer and harness the potential of peer review to your advantage.