Editage Quality Guarantee

We guarantee that the quality of English in all documents edited by Editage will meet the standards required by the international publishing industry. The Editage Quality Guarantee applies to every document edited by us, regardless of service, deadline, or fees.

If your manuscript is rejected because of the quality of English, we will re-edit it for free, provided you have addressed all the editor's notes and comments and have not made significant changes to the edited manuscript.

Important points to remember for authors

Address all issues pointed out by the editor. If you are unsure about any comment or change made by the editor, please write to us with your questions at request@editage.com.

If you have made significant changes or rejected revisions made by our editors after receiving your edited document, please have your changes re-checked by us. If you anticipate many changes, we recommend that you use our Multiple-Round Editing (MRE) services. MRE is available for free under the Premium Editing service and at a discounted rate under the Advanced Editing service.

While evaluating papers written by non-native speakers of English, reviewers and editors of international journals tend to include a standard recommendation, asking the author to get the language checked by a native speaker. To avoid this, it is best to submit a certificate of editing to the journal along with your initial submission.

Acceptance of a paper is almost entirely dependent on the quality of research and on whether the findings are within the journal’s scope. While bad English can prevent excellent research from being published, good English cannot compensate for average research quality.

Sometimes, when journal reviewers cite language as a reason for rejection, they are actually referring to the manuscript’s flawed logic, flow, and structure. While our Advanced Editing service corrects all aspects of language, only our Premium Editing service checks and corrects logic, flow, structure, and presentation. We recommend that you choose the editing service that best suits your needs.

When can you use the Editage Quality Guarantee?

  • When you are dissatisfied with the quality of the edit.
  • When your manuscript is rejected by the journal because of the quality of English, despite your having addressed all editor's notes and comments and submitting the edited paper to the journal with no significant changes.

    Note that the Editage Quality Guarantee should not be used to ask questions of your editor. Simply email your questions to request@editage.com, or submit them through your EditageOnlineTM account, and be assured of a speedy and accurate response.

How can you use the Editage Quality Guarantee?

  • Write an email to customercare@editage.com, briefly explaining the reasons for your dissatisfaction. You can also fill out the job feedback form from your EditageOnlineTM account.
  • Provide examples wherever possible.
  • Make sure you attach the relevant files to your email (for example, in case your paper has been rejected by the journal due to poor language quality, please attach the version of the paper you submitted to the journal as well as the detailed journal editor/reviewer comments).

What happens when you send us your complaint?

  • Our Quality & Training team assesses the overall quality of the edited paper.
  • We reply to you with the results of the assessment within 2 business days.
  • If the Quality & Training team agrees with the journal's (or your) assessment of the language quality, we offer you a free re-edit.

    After your complaint is resolved, we solicit your feedback through a short survey. We encourage you to provide us with feedback so that we can continue to improve our quality management system.

Our Certifications

Editage recognizes the need to deliver high-quality services and to guarantee the security of your information at all times. This belief is reflected in our commitment to establishing and maintaining systems and processes that are compliant with the ISO quality and IT security management standards.

Click here to view our ISMS certificate

The BELS examination is, an internationally recognized certification exam conducted by
(the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences) that tests and evaluates editorial skills. Of the approximately 1,000 BELS-certified editors across the world, 87 are associated with Editage. This reflects our continual efforts to train our editors and writers to meet international standards. It also gives our clients the assurance of working with the best talent in the industry.