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Academic editing & proofreading for ESL Authors

If you’re an ESL (English-as-a-second-language) author looking to write and submit an English-language academic paper to a journal or your professor, you are probably staring at an uphill task. Choosing the right word, constructing correct sentences, following the right academic conventions—these can all be pretty daunting. But you do know your subject, and your submission deserves to be evaluated based on the merit of your research, and not rejected simply because of the quality of English.
So how do you get across the language barrier? We can help!
Having worked with over 60,000 ESL researchers and students worldwide, our editors are proficient in editing for ESL authors. They understand the specific issues that you face when writing academic papers in English—sentence structure, clarity, academic style, word choice, etc. And our English-language academic editing and proofreading services are tailored to tackle and eliminate those issues and prepare a final manuscript that reflects native English.

How does our report editing services for ESL authors work?

Editage’s report editing service is driven by professional editors who know what it takes to craft an effective report. Here’s how it works:

Three-step editing model

The Premium Editing Service follows the three-step editing model.

Manuscript-Editor Pairing

We assign your manuscript to an editor with specialized editorial expertise in your subject.

Editing and Journal Formatting

Your editor reads through your manuscript and reviews/corrects the following key aspects, without making any change to content and meaning.


You receive your edited manuscript; you can then review it and get back to us with any doubts or questions.

A range of professional English-language ESL editing services

We offer three different levels of ESL editing so that you can choose the service that best suits your editing requirements:

premium editing PLUS

For authors who require a thorough manuscript check and help with post-submission communication with journals.

  • Complete language check, extensive revisions, and post-submission communication support
  • Unlimited free re-edits for 365 days
  • Customized cover letter & manuscript assessment report
  • Journal response letter check
  • Crosschecking responses with revised manuscript
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premium editing

For authors looking to collaborate extensively with the editor to revise the manuscript and avail multiple rounds of editing.

  • Comprehensive language check with extensive revisions (rephrasing, reorganization, logic, and clarity) 
  • Unlimited free re-edits for 365 days
  • Customized cover letter & manuscript assessment report
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advanced editing

For authors who are confident about the structure of the paper and are looking for a language and grammar check.

  • Detailed language check (grammar, spelling, punctuation, and terminology check)
  • Unlimited Q&A with the editor
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