Experimental Design


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Get geographic or interdisciplinary perspectives on your research design

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Consult a subject specialist to ensure a robust study design


Understand predefined methods decreed to standardize research.

Sample selection

Ensure a varied sample to arrive at an unbiased conclusion.

Measurements and instruments

Use appropriate tools and scientific instruments to accomplish neutral results.

Research problem

Identify and establish the problem to be solved.

Hypothesis formulation

Determine the starting point of an investigation, a basis for reasoning.

Variable definitions

Outline variables that will play key roles in the research.

Choose from among 3800+ experts with PhDs across 1000+ specialized disciplines.

Dr. Eamon Byrne

United Kingdom
PhD (Clinical Medicine), University of Oxford

Medical clinician specializing in the structural biology of membrane proteins, with papers published in Nature and eLife.

Dr. Ross King

United Kingdom
PhD (Cardiovascular Research) , King's College London

Expert in in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro imaging of immune and vascular cells and the development and characterisation of in vivo models of cardiovascular and inflammatory disease.

Dr. Brian Riggs

United States
PhD (Interdisciplinary in Material Science), Tulane University

Materials scientist specializing in fundamental design of polymers, ceramics, and thick film materials to product and device design.

Consult a subject area specialist to advise on specific protocols, experimental methods, or survey designs

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Success Stories

Experiment Design

Design and draft the statistical section of a clinical trial protocol

A Breast Cancer Surgeon
A Clinical Trials Consultant

Assess the Impact of HIV awareness music concerts on HIV-related stigma in Uganda

A Nurse, Social Worker, and Public Health Volunteer
An Interdisciplinary Researcher and Public Health Specialist

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