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Editage’s Scientific Editing offers much more than language editing. The service is designed to critique your research, significantly improve the readability of your paper, and help you ensure that your journal submission meets the high standards of academic publishing. We customize the service for each paper by bringing together a team of top-journal peer reviewers, senior language editors from the industry and your field, and Editage’s senior publication experts, whose goal is to support your academic success!
With Scientific Editing, receive an elevated version of your paper in just 6 days. And, submit the best version of your research to your target journal, with unlimited re-editing and re-formatting support for 365 days!

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In the last year, nearly 400 papers edited under Scientific Editing got published in influential journals
On average, our Scientific Review helped these papers get published within 61 days from submission
Elsevier BV, American Chemical Society (ACS), and Wiley-Blackwell are only some of the top publishers with whom we helped researchers get published

The terrific-three combination for your winning scientific manuscript

Each Scientific Editing project is managed by three industry experts, who are responsible for a thorough technical review that improves your paper on various counts of structure, presentation and logic, in addition to expert editing that lends your manuscript a native English tone and presentation.

The Scientific Reviewer

The Editage Scientific Reviewer has years of experience working as a peer reviewer for high-impact international journals. Many of Editage’s Scientific Reviewers are published researchers and academic authors.

The Premium Editor

Editage’s Premium Editors are industry experts, delivering scientific and academic language editing according to international journal standards. They collectively have 20 years of editorial experience.

The Managing Editor

Editage’s Publication Experts are highly trained senior members of its in-house team comprising Managing Editors, Assistant Managing Editors, and Senior Associate Editors. This team is handpicked based on their seniority and experience in the publication industry

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Author Success Stories

Professor Tetsuhiro Yoshino,
Keio University School of Medicine,
Tokyo, Japan

Paper title:
Identification of Glycyrrhizin Metabolites in Humans and of a Potential Biomarker of Liquorice-induced Pseudoaldosteronism: a Multi-centre Cross-sectional Study
Published in:
Archives of Toxicology (Impact Factor: 5.74)
Dr. Hiroki Shigemune,
Waseda University’s School of
Advanced Science and Engineering,
Tokyo, Japan
Paper title:
Self-Assembled 3D Actuator Using the Resilience of an Elastomeric Materia

Published in:
Frontiers in Robotics and AI (IF: 3.31)

Your journey to publication success

  • Our Customer Experience Expert gets in touch with you after your manuscript upload
  • We build an action plan after understanding your unique manuscript requirements
  • A senior Project Manager carefully chooses a team for your project
  • Edits your paper for language, clarity, structure, and logic
  • Formats your document according to target journal guidelines
  • A Scientific Reviewer conducts a thorough technical review
  • Senior Publication Experts perform plagiarism and journal readiness tests
  • You get an English edited manuscript, Scientific Review report, plagiarism check report, and journal submission report
  • You proceed to submission or make further revisions, after which your paper will undergo re-editing before finalizing the manuscript, as many times as you like!
  • Peer Review experts evaluate and edit your journal responses and make necessary changes in your paper as per journal feedback
  • If you decide to submit elsewhere, please resubmit your paper with instructions for whether a content review is needed

The journals our published customers choose

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  • Biomaterials
  • Blood
  • BMC Infectious Diseases
  • BMC Neurology
  • Cancer Reports
  • Cell Metabolism
  • Cell Stem Cell
  • Frontiers in Neuroscience
  • Frontiers in Pharmacology
  • GENE
  • Nature
  • Nature Cell Biology
  • Nature Chemistry
  • Nature Communications
  • Nature Medicine
  • Nature Metabolism
  • Nature Microbiology
  • Nature Nanotechnology
  • PLoS Genetics
  • PLoS ONE
  • PNAS
  • Science
  • Science Advances
  • Science Translational Medicine
  • The American Journal of Gastroenterology
  • The American Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Acta Dermato-Verereologica
  • American Journal of Ophthalmology
  • Food Chemistry
  • Anesthesia & Analgesia
  • Anesthesiology
  • BMJ Case Reports
  • Bone & Joint Journal (JBJS)
  • British Journal of Anaesthesia
  • British Journal of Haematology
  • British Journal of Surgery
  • Cancer
  • Circulation
  • Circulation Journal
  • Endoscopy
  • Lancet
  • Medicine
  • NDT
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Oncology Letters
  • Pancreas
  • Spine
  • Stroke
  • Supportive Care in Cancer
  • British Medical Journal (BMJ)
  • Nature Machine Intelligence
  • ACS Catalysis
  • ACS Energy Letters
  • ACS Nano
  • Energy
  • Geology
  • Nano Energy
  • Nature Energy
  • Nature Energy
  • Nature Geoscience
  • Nature Materials
  • Nature Physics
  • Nature Physics
  • Nature-Methods
  • Advanced Energy Materials
  • Advanced Energy Materials Communication
  • Nature Partner Journal Computational Materials
  • Journal of Economics
  • Scientific Reports
  • Age and Ageing
  • BMC Nursing
  • BMJ Open
  • Emotion
  • PLoS ONE
  • Sleep
  • European Journal of Health Economics
  • Journal of International Economics
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • American Economic Review
  • Environment and Behavior

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