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Lack of time and difficulty with the English language could result in manuscripts that have unintended instances of plagiarism. Such instances are viewed by journals as a violation of ethical publication standards and often lead to rejection. They also damage an author’s reputation and credibility as a researcher.

Our Plagiarism Check service helps you identify passages in your manuscript that might be flagged by the journal for accidental plagiarism. Under the service, we thoroughly check your manuscript for accidental plagiarism by using a software that is widely used in the academic community to check the originality of a document. We provide a report that highlights the problematic sections of your document, along with a publication expert’s comment on how these sections may affect the journal’s evaluation.

Get our experts to conduct a check for plagiarism before submitting your manuscripts.

Plagiarism Check is ideal for you if

  • You have used expressions from previously published papers and are not sure whether the text can be considered to have been plagiarized. In particular, review papers can be prone to instances of plagiarism.
  • You are a lab head or research supervisor and would like to check whether the manuscripts authored by your students have been plagiarized accidentally.
  • You would like to screen the research output of your university department, lab, or research group. (We offer special quotations for large groups.)

*Editage does not guarantee the detection of instances in addition to those highlighted by Turnitin Similarity Check Software, which we use in our service provision. This software is widely used by academic institutions in the West. Additionally, please note that this service does not involve correcting the instances of accidental plagiarism through editing or re-writing

Sample Plagiarism Check report

Plagiarism Check Report Sample Plagiarism Check Report Sample Plagiarism Check Report Sample

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do you help rewrite and paraphrase the plagiarized texts and sentences?

    We do not offer rewriting or paraphrasing for the plagiarized texts/sentences. Know more

  • How will you check my document for plagiarism?

    We thoroughly check your manuscript for accidental plagiarism by using Know more