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ISO certification ISO/IEC27001:2013

99.9% is not good enough. Our mission is to ensure

100% satisfaction for all our clients at every stage.

- Abhishek Goel, Co-founder and CEO

The world’s foremost language solutions provider to the research community for over 16 years.

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Editage is a trusted partner to researchers, journals, and academic institutions across the globe.

  • Largest in-house editorial team
  • No-questions-asked guarantee
  • 2000+ subject-specialist English editors
  • Personalized and seamless customer experience
Abhishek Goel Co-founder and Chief Customer Officer

99.9% is not good enough. Our mission is to ensure 100% satisfaction for all our clients at every stage.

We promise excellence, expertise, responsiveness, and confidentiality in all our services.

My team will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with every dimension of our service, be it quality, on-time delivery, or response time.

If we don’t deliver per your expectations, we won't charge you. No questions asked!

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Two-Editor Check

Each document is checked by two language specialists from our global team of editors and peer reviewers, to ensure that we miss nothing. The end result will meet the highest quality standards of international journals.

Editing Process


24-Hour Response Time

Whether you are sending in a submission or query, our customer support managers will respond to you within 24 hours, with solutions customized to your needs. If your document submission is even a second late, we offer a full fee refund, No questions asked!

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128-bit SSL encryption

Our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified IT security management systems and processes mean researchers worldwide can submit their papers with complete confidence that their intellectual property is safe with us.

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Tailored Solutions

Our unique editor-selection algorithm ensures that your paper is assigned to highly qualified language specialists with expertise in your subject. As it learns your requirements, we are able to offer more tailored services.

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The No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

All our services are designed with the singular goal of ensuring that your valuable work gets the recognition it deserves. So, this is our commitment to you:

If you’re not satisfied, we're not satisfied

We promise that every document edited or translated by us will be of internationally accepted quality standards. The Editage Advantage ensures that no document is rejected on grounds of poor language. If for any reason you are not delighted with the quality, we will rework your document until you are satisfied. No questions asked!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We respect your time

We know how important your time is and we are proud of ALWAYS meeting our customers’ deadlines. If your assignment is delayed by even 1 second, we promise to refund your full fee. No questions asked!

How to Invoke the No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

Our Quality Team will start work on your document immediately and you will receive a resolution email within the business day.

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Frequently asked questions

  • I have made some changes to my paper after you edited it. Is the quality guarantee still valid? If you have made significant changes to your paper after we have edited it (e.g., you have introduced new content or rejected our changes), the Editage Quality Guarantee may not be fully applicable. Know more
  • What if I want to make changes to my paper after you have edited it? If you want to make only a few changes, you can send us the revised parts of your document as questions. You can do this by logging into your EditageOnlineTM account and using the "Submit Questions" feature on the left panel. Know more
  • I have some questions regarding the editor’s changes in my document. How can I get them answered? If you have any questions regarding the edit that you wish to get clarified from your editor, please submit your questions using the "Submit Questions" feature in your EditageOnlineTM account. Know more
  • I used the Premium Editing Service but I am not satisfied with the quality of the edited paper. What should I do? The Premium Editing Service offers the benefit of multiple rounds of editing—that is, editing until you are satisfied. Know more
  • I want Premium Editing only for the first round of edits. What do you suggest? You can choose to not use the Premium Editing Service if you do not want all its benefits. For example, if you only require multiple rounds of editing and not the other benefits under the Premium Editing Service, you may avail of our Multiple-Round Advanced Editing Service for subsequent rounds. Know more

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