Editing process

Step 1

Client Manager

  • Obtains detailed instructions from the client.
  • Ensures that all necessary information has been provided by the client.
  • Recommends the most suitable service to the client.
Step 2

Reviewer/Process Manager

  • Ensures that the manuscript is sent to the team most suited for the specific subject area.
  • Checks whether all necessary instructions for the editor have been received from the client.
Step 3

Process Manager

  • Chooses an editor based on qualifications and subject-matter expertise.
  • Ensures that all the instructions from the client are clearly understood by the editor.
  • Identifies an experienced senior reviewer to re-check the edited manuscript for language.
Step 4

Subject-matter expert editor

  • Edits the manuscript for clarity and proper use of English.
  • Includes comments explaining all extensive revisions.
  • Formats the manuscript to conform to the guidelines prescribed by the target journal.
  • Ensures that the edited manuscript has considered all the requirements of the client.

  • Provides the client with a detailed assessment of the manuscript, including the next steps required before submission to the target journal.
  • Provides the client with a detailed and impressive cover letter to aid in the submission process.
Step 5

Senior Reviewer

  • Re-checks the edited manuscript and ensures that it meets the global standards of scientific English.
  • Ensures that the edited document conforms to all the journal formatting guidelines and client instructions.
Step 6

Process Manager/ Senior Reviewer/Client Manager

  • Reconfirms that all the instructions of the client have been followed by the editor.
  • Ensures that all the correct files, including supplementary documents, are sent to the client in a timely manner.

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