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At the start of 2018, Editage wanted to explore what academic publishers think of video as a content format for science communication. So we commissioned a leading consultancy to undertake a series of interviews with publishers and societies—a target group of varying sizes, subject portfolios, and business models.

While they saw video as a future-facing medium, they spoke about perceived barriers to access. In this short video we share the stories of some early adopters who have overcome these barriers.

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  • Plain-language summary Busy colleague?
    Wider community?
    Get your work noticed by all.
    • 1-min read of the why and what
    • Synopsis relevant to a broad audience
    • Can be uploaded and shared as is
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  • Research news story News stories about research
    that connect the conceptual
    and the practical.
    • 300-500 words with an image from the published paper
    • Catchy titles, easy messaging, author perspectives
    • Format tailor-made to make science understandable
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  • Infographics High-quality visual
    summaries that say a lot
    with less!
    • Research context and core findings at a glance
    • Visual distillation for easy recall
    • Journal/university branding
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  • Video summary If a picture is worth a
    thousand words, imagine
    the worth of a video!
    • 2-min animated videos in engaging format
    • Embed code for hosting on lab/university/personal page
    • Support kit = slide deck + video script + audio file
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Success Stories

Our work

Video Summaries

Animated short videos that speak to core and broad audiences

Habitual toe-walking

Habitual toe-walking in children: When does it stop?

Public health campaign for suicide prevention

Can TV PSA Campaigns Help Reduce Suicide Rates?


High-quality visual summaries that say a lot with less

Research News Stories

News stories tailored for pickup by media outlets

  • Researchers create new low-cost, sustainable material for reducing air and water pollution
  • A chameleon-like Protein changes its Shape and Function in Autoimmune Diseases and Cancer
  • How South Korean Scientists Are Working to Help Us Adapt to Climate Change
  • 0.6% soy isoflavone in the diet decrease muscle atrophy
  • Scientific Advances from South Korea Enhance Human Health, Well-Being, and Understanding
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome possibly explained by lower levels of key thyroid hormones
  • New semiconducting polymers with record-setting electron mobility for future devices

Plain-language Summaries

1-min snapshot of key research points in a non-technical style

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order?

Click the “Order now” button on our website and select a research communication service. Upload the published manuscript, share any reference information that can help us with the project, and our customer service executive will get back to you with details.

If this is the first time you are using Editage, you will receive a login ID and password to access our Editage Online System (you will need access to this system to download completed project files). If you already have access to the Editage Online system, you can simply request a new assignment from your account.

Do I have to wait for a quotation from you?

Yes, our customer service executive will get back to you with a customized quotation and delivery schedule. We appreciate your patience as our team of experts reviews your publication and other details before confirming your order. This is to ensure we understand and deliver against your expectations.

Typical response times:
Plain-language Summary and Research News Story inquiries: 1 business hour
Infographics, Video Summary, and Research Communication Pack: 1 business day
Business hours: Monday to Friday, 03:30-17:30 GMT

What deliverables will you provide for the video summary?

  • Video file in multiple formats for easy re-use
  • Embed code to host the video on author, journal, institutional, or any webpage of your choice
  • Link to the video hosted on Editage’s YouTube channel
  • Audio file + video transcript
  • High-quality graphics for re-use in PowerPoint/slide deck presentations

How long will you take to complete my assignment?

Our typical turnaround times are as follows:

  • Plain-language summary: 5 days
  • Research news story: 1-2 weeks
  • Infographics: 1-2 weeks
  • Video summary: 3-4 weeks
  • Research communication pack: 4 weeks
Note these are average turnaround times and can vary depending on project complexity and the speed with which you share comments on draft versions during the project.

Who will write the plain-language summary for my paper?

An expert scientific writer will communicate your research findings accurately using non-technical language. A senior reviewer will check the summary for quality assurance.

Who will write the research news story for my paper?

An expert scientific writer will create an engaging news story highlighting your research findings without jargon. A senior reviewer will check the content for quality assurance.

Who will create the infographic for my paper?

Our team of scientific writers, illustrators, and designers will render your article in a visually appealing format. We create high-quality graphics and simplified text to convey the take-home message of your research.

Who will create the video summary for my paper?

Video summary is at the cutting edge of what we do. Not surprisingly, we use an expert production team comprising scientific experts, scriptwriters, voiceover artistes, illustrators, and animators with experience in research communication. They will work in consultation with you to help you tell your research story to the world.

What do you need from me to create infographics?

Apart from your published paper, our production team will find the below inputs useful:

  • Original, high-resolution image files if available
  • Supplementary tables and figuress
  • Supporting material such as PowerPoint presentations, slide decks, or posters that you may have prepared to present the paper at conferences, meetings, or other events

We accept most compatible file types as long as file size is limited to 100 MB.

What do you need from me to make a video summary?

Apart from your published paper, our production team will find the below inputs useful:

  • Original, high-resolution image files if any
  • Supplementary tables and figures
  • Supporting material such as PowerPoint presentations, slide decks, or posters that captures the essence of the source content and helps distill the take-home message
  • Approval of the first draft of the script for the video summary. We will begin voiceover and animation only once we know you are happy with the content.

We accept most compatible file types as long as file size is limited to 100 MB.

Will you share my infographics/video summary?

Most definitely! Editage will help you make your work more discoverable by

  • uploading them on social media platforms like YouTube,
  • hosting them on our website gallery
  • announcing new video releases through Editage social media channels

We will do our best to spread the word about your work. But it is you who can contribute best to being discovered. So we encourage you to host the video/infographic on journal, institutional, or personal pages and share links with your network of peers, colleagues, funders, and the broader community.

What if I need to make some changes to the output?

We can certainly make minor textual revisions to the completed assignments free of charge. You can submit your questions using the "Submit Questions" feature in your Editage Online™ account. You will find it under the "Jobs & Questions" tab. Once we receive your questions, we will provide you a suitable deadline for the response.

Please note that audio-visual changes, however, are difficult to make after project completion. For video projects, we consult you twice during the course of the project—once to approve the script and once for draft video before finalization. We encourage you to use these opportunities to share your inputs with our production team so we can deliver an outcome you are proud of!

What if I am not happy with the quality of the service received?

We pride ourselves on delivering against your expectations. Please share the reason for your dissatisfaction and we will promptly coordinate with you to address your grievances. You can contact our dedicated customer care team ( with specific details.

We'd love to be your trusted partner in research communication!

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