Statistical Review Services, Statistical Analysis Services and Statistical Data Analysis

Rapid Statistical Review


When to use: When you want an expert to help you correct misses and errors in statistical methods and reporting before journal submission

  • Review of methods and tests for appropriateness
  • Expert feedback on methods, analysis, and results, with actionable recommendations for improvement
  • Statistical Review certificate confirming adherence to statistical reporting best practices that can be shared with journal as an independent assessment

Inferential Statistical Analysis


When to use: When you want an expert to analyze your data and draw inferences that best answer your research questions

  • Complex quantitative data analysis (multivariate analysis, ANOVA, ANACOVA) using SPSS, R, STATA, and other tools
  • Identification of key results to establish significance 
  • Drawing of inferences and presenting relevant results in tables/graphs

Custom Statistical Support

Tailored for your custom needs

When to use: When you are unsure of the exact service that may help you report statistics with rigor and/or you have a custom need

  • Research Design and Methods
  • Systematic Review and Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Manuscript Finalisation
  • Research Publication

Why Editage ?

Consult our biostatistician 1:1

As part of our custom offerings, we provide highly- qualified subject matter “one-to-one” consultation experts to understand your request in detail and customize the solution to your needs

Highest value solution

We provide cost effective solutions to cater to your statistics requirements

Highest level of security

We prioritize data privacy, security, and confidentiality, in order to ensure that your data is secure with us, promising excellence, expertise, responsiveness, and confidentiality in all our services

20+ years of experience

We have 20+ years of relevant experience offering a mature range of services. So, in addition to statistical support, you can explore our entire suite of researcher focused offerings.

We use best-in-class data analysis tools and software

Customers trust us with their intellectual property and we do everything to prove them right.

Your data security and confidentiality mean the most to us. Our systems are designed to deliver on the trust that you place in us.


A global team of the best biostatisticians

  • Vanja Ivkovic​

    200+ Outstanding ratings


    Wide expertise from descriptive to inferential statistics, statistical modelling, survival analysis

    Specialist in

    Systematic review Model fitting
  • Pranamya Y

    200+ Outstanding ratings


    Analyzing large datasets

    Specialist in

    Data analysis Model fitting
  • Varun Kumar

    200+ Outstanding ratings


    Understands research methodology deeply

    Specialist in

    Research design Forecasting and cluster analysis
  • Atanu Bhattacharjee

    200+ Outstanding ratings


    Deep experience working in analysis and interpretation

    Specialist in

    Sample size and power calculations Data analysis
  • Shreshtha Awasthi

    200+ Outstanding ratings


    Experience working with CRO and with datasets across diverse therapeutic areas

    Specialist in

    Systematic review Experimental design Writing statistical methods section
  • Kostas Katselidis

    200+ Outstanding ratings


    Data analysis and data visualization

    Specialist in

    Experimental designData analysisData visualization
  • Oreoluwa Bolajoko

    200+ Outstanding ratings


    Combined skillset of biostatistician, investigator and scientific writer

    Specialist in

    Sample size and power calculations

What others like you think of us

  • The statistical analysis is comprehensive and much better.
    Dr. Mandreker Bahall,
    Lecturer, Medicine
  • The comments from the statistical experts were useful, thank you.
    Dr. Yumiko Kinoshita,
    Researcher, Clinical Oncology
  • Thank you once again for your continued support.
    Dr. Aya Luckel Semoto,
    Lecturer, Medicine

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