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Our subject-specialist team of professional Brazilian Portuguese to English translators and editors will give you a final document that meets the language standards of prestigious English-language journals.Our experts can convert a Brazilian Portuguese paper—with all its subject-specific terms and phrases—into publication-ready English, while staying completely true to your original meaning.
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Although we specialize in academic translation, the Brazilian Portuguese to English translation service caters to all kinds of documents, including non-academic content such as user manuals, financial reports, and fiction and non-fiction books. We also have experts for reverse translation, i.e., a service to translate English to Brazilian Portuguese.

Four-step Brazilian Portuguese translation process

Our stringent quality-centric processes ensure that you can submit your manuscript to an English-language journal with confidence.


A professional Brazilian Portuguese translator with experience in your subject converts your manuscript into English, focusing on technical terminology and subject-area conventions.

Bilingual review

A bilingual expert checks the accuracy of the translation and ensures that your original meaning is conveyed.

Language edit

An experienced subject-specialist editor checks the translated copy for language, grammar, clarity, fluency, punctuation, style, and formatting.

Final review

A senior reviewer conducts a final check to ensure that all your requirements have been met before sending you the final, publication-ready files.

Translation sample for our Brazilian Portuguese translation services

Click on each of the stages below to view a sample of how our Brazilian Portuguese to English translation and editing process helps us deliver publication-quality manuscripts.

  • Original Manuscript
  • Translation
  • Bilingual review
  • Language edit
  • Final review
A experiência de mais de 90 anos de pediatria está disponível agora para todo o Brasil. Especialistas do Complexo Pequeno Príncipe, formado pelo maior hospital de alta complexidade pediátrico do país, estão disponível para auxiliar profissionais de saúde em diagnósticos e tratamentos de doenças ligadas à infância e à adolescência. Isto será possível por meio do Projeto Telemedicina HPP, que utiliza a tecnologia da informação e comunicação para o desenvolvimento da prática médica à distância.
O Projeto Telemedicina HPP é uma plataforma que oferece profissionais de 14 especialidades de saúde. Esses profissionais vão auxiliar clínicas, hospitais e médicos que não contam com um especialista de uma determinada área da saúde e que estejam localizados em regiões isoladas, onde a distância seja um fator crítico para o paciente buscar ajuda especializada.
Por meio de tecnologias de informação e de comunicação os especialistas do Complexo Pequeno Príncipe estarão disponíveis para trocar informações que auxiliem médicos de localidades distantes no diagnóstico, prevenção e tratamento de doenças. Além disso, por meio do Projeto de Telemedicina, profissionais especializados poderão oferecer educação continuada a prestadores de serviços em saúde; realizar videoconferências; prestar apoio a atividades de pesquisa; e consultas on-line, na qual médicos podem ter uma segunda opinião antes de fechar um diagnóstico.
Step 1: You submit your manuscript to us and share any specific requirements you may have. We send the paper to the most relevant Brazilian Portuguese translator, based on its subject area.
  • Raffaella G.

    Portuguese to English translator


    10+years' experience


    PhD in Cell Biology (Neurobiology), Faculty of Medicine, University of Lerida, Spain

    Subject-area expertise:

    Biochemistry | Genetics | Molecular Biology | Medicine | Pharmaceutical Sciences | Neuroscience and Neurology | Plant and Animal Science

  • Antonio R.

    Portuguese to English translator


    10+years' experience


    PhD in Genetics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

    Subject-area expertise:

    Biochemistry | Genetics | Molecular Biology | Medicine | Pharmaceutical Sciences | Plant and Animal Science

  • Joanna E.

    Portuguese to English translator


    4+years' experience


    Masters in Translation, Edinburgh University, UK

    Subject-area expertise:

    Biochemistry | Genetics | Molecular Biology | Neuroscience and Neurology | Chemistry | Engineering and Technology | Medicine

  • Karin H.

    Portuguese to English translator


    5+years' experience


    PhD in Biological Sciences, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Subject-area expertise:

    Biochemistry | Genetics | Molecular Biology | Business and Finance | Medicine | Plant and Animal Science

Additional services and support

We provide free, value-added benefits to help you make the most of our expertise. Our expert translators and editors will work with you even after we have sent you the translated manuscript! Check out the free benefits we provide and our post-translation support services.

  • Free Journal-specific Formatting
  • Free and Unlimited Q&A
  • 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Free Editing Certificate
  • 60% Discount on re-editing support
Free Journal-specific Formatting
Understanding and implementing journal guidelines can be a time- and effort-intensive process. Our experts will format the translated manuscript according to the guidelines of your target journal.
Here are some of the aspects that our experts will check:
• Does your manuscript meet the prescribed word limit?
• Do the figures and tables follow the specified style?
• Does the manuscript follow the language style required?
• Have the references and in-text citations been presented as specified?
• Have you followed the overall layout requirements such as margins, spacing, alignment, and section breaks?

Additional features you can choose


Our globally accepted plagiarism check report (powered by iThenticate) identifies passages in your manuscript that might get flagged by the journal for accidental plagiarism, helping you prevent desk rejection. You get a report on the sections in your document that needs rework and expert comments on how these sections may affect the journal's evaluation

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Unlimited Rounds
of Re-editing

Even after our initial edit, manuscripts may need to be rewritten based on feedback from peers or journal peer reviewers. Our re-editing services ensure that your manuscript is ready for submission, after as many rounds of collaboration as you would like to have with your expert. This benefit is available within 12 months from the first round of editing of your paper

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Our experienced editors abstract the core highlights of your research based on your manuscript in the form of a cover letter. A cover letter engages your target journal editor, while sharing with them the value of your research so that they're interested and consider your paper for publication in their journal.

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Review Report

A Scientific Review Report is created by peer reviewers for top journals like Nature, premium editors with 20+ years of experience, and our managing editors. This team of 3 experts shares critical feedback on improvements to your paper based on the scope of your target journal. Their feedback shortens the time a journal takes to evaluate your paper and increases your chances of acceptance in the high-impact journals.

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Response letter check and
Multiple rounds of journal formatting

Increases your chances of acceptance with unlimited support in cross-checking and editing your responses to journal feedback. Get reformatting done for multiple journals within 12 months. Preferred selection by 80% of our customers!

Enhancement Guide

Write fluently like a native English author with in-depth guidance from our highly experienced English language coaches. Shield yourself from journal desk rejections and gain the confidence to collaborate with western researchers and peers. Increases your chances of journal acceptance by 70%!

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We also offer translation services for these language pairs and more.

We translate documents in other languages too, but have avoided putting up a long list here. We also offer translation from English into other languages. Request a quote for your manuscript written in any language.

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