Japanese to English Translation Services

Our Japanese to English translation service helps Japanese researchers prepare well-translated and well-edited manuscripts that reflect the language standards required by the international publishing industry. Using their domain expertise and professional experience, our translators and editors follow all field-specific academic and technical conventions to deliver publication-ready manuscripts.

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Japanese to English Translation Services: Process

Our Japanese translation service includes a thorough translation, edit, and review process to ensure that you receive a manuscript that not only retains the original meaning but is also publication-ready.

  • Translation : Japanese to English

    A translator converts the manuscript into English, focusing on the technical terminology and subject-area conventions.
  • Bilingual review

    A bilingual expert checks the accuracy of the translation and ensures that the author’s original meaning is conveyed.
  • Language edit

    An experienced reviewer conducts a check for punctuation, grammar, language style, formatting, clarity, and fluency.
  • Final review

    A senior reviewer checks whether all your requirements have been met before sending you the final, publication-ready file.

Translate Japanese into English: Sample

Click on each of the stages below to view a sample of how our translation and editing process helps us deliver publication-quality manuscripts.
The cerebral cortex controls movements and sensations in an integrated manner. It is the "highest center" of higher brain functions which control memory and consciousness. Its dysfunction leads to severe brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, impaired mobility, mental retardation, impaired consciousness, and psychosis. In addition, cerebrovascular diseases (cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction) and head injuries can also cause a severe impairment of the cerebral cortex, and often leave sequelae such as a paralysis of the limbs. In adults, the cerebral cortex is made of a complex laminar structure composed of fivesix layers, but in fetuses up to midgestation, it consists of four layers. This lamellar structure is known to be essential for the higher functions of the cerebral cortex.
Step 3: A bilingual expert checks the accuracy of the translation and ensures that the author’s original meaning is conveyed.

Meet our translators: Japanese to English

Our translators have a combination of relevant linguistic qualifications, experience, and academic degrees in various fields. They combine their knowledge and experience to give you a perfectly translated document.

Name:Tomoko T.
Japanese to English translator
10+years of academic translation experience

Education:MPhil in History, University of Kent, UK

Subject-area expertise:

  • Arts, Media, and Communication
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Business and Finance
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Technology
  • Organizational Behavior

Name:Atsuko I.
Japanese to English translator
10+years of academic translation experience

Education: PhD in Ethnicity and Nationalism, University of London, UK

Subject-area expertise:

  • Arts, Media, and Communication
  • Business and Finance
  • Education
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Philosophy
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Anthropology

Name:Herizo F.
Japanese to English translator
5+years of academic translation experience

Education: PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagasaki University, Japan

Subject-area expertise:

  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Molecular Biology
  • Business and Finance
  • Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Neurology
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences

Name:Jannette K.
Japanese to English translator
10+years of academic translation experience

Education: Masters in Japanese Studies, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Subject-area expertise:

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Technology

Additional services and post-translation Japanese services support

We provide a number of free, value–added benefits to help you make the most of our expertise. You can be assured of assistance from our expert translators and editors even after we have sent you the translated manuscript. Check out the details of the free benefits we provide and our post-translation support services.

Journal-specific Formatting

Understanding and implementing journal guidelines can be a time- and effort-intensive process. Let our experts help you by formatting the translated manuscript in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by your target journal.

Here are some of the aspects that our experts will check:

  • Does your manuscript meet the prescribed word limit?
  • Do the figures and tables follow the specified style?
  • Does the manuscript follow the language style required?
  • Have the references and in-text citations been presented as specified?
  • Have you followed the overall layout requirements such as margins, spacing, alignment, and section breaks?

Free and Unlimited Q&A

Often, authors would like to communicate with the translator who has worked on their manuscript. Our Q&A service enables you to seek clarifications from your translator at any point after you have received the translated file, at no additional cost.

Here are some common questions our translators receive

  • Could you please reword this paragraph?
  • Could you please explain your interpretation to me? I would like to know if your writing expresses my meaning more effectively.
  • I am not sure if the translation conveys my intended meaning fully.

100% Quality Assurance

We guarantee that all manuscripts translated by our experts will meet the standards required by the international publishing industry. If you find that the quality we have delivered does not meet your expectations, we will re-work the entire manuscript at no cost and ensure that all your requirements are met.

You can use the free re-translation service if you find that

  • The translation is inaccurate or does not convey the original meaning fully.
  • The quality of English in the manuscript does not meet publication standards.
  • Your instructions have not been followed.
  • You are dissatisfied with the overall quality of the manuscript, and can cite specific instances.
  • Your manuscript has been rejected by the journal because of the quality of English, even after addressing all our comments before submitting your paper to the journal.

Note: The free re-translation service is applicable to cases of obvious errors or issues and if you have not made major revisions to the manuscript.

Free Editing Certificate

We issue an editing certificate confirming that your manuscript

  • has been edited by a native-English editor
  • has been checked thoroughly for correct grammar and language
  • is of publication quality

In addition, the editing certificate clarifies that your manuscript has been prepared by following all requirements of ethical publication and has no instances of plagiarism or any other suspected ethical misconduct.

Submitting our editing certificate as part of your submission package to your target journal can help you increase your chances of acceptance for publication. The certificate can provide the journal reviewers with added assurance that your manuscript has been prepared with diligence.

Discounted Re-editing Support

Have you revised your manuscript after we translated and edited it? Would you like our experts to re-edit it for you? Opt for re-editing support at a 60% discount. Our discounted re-editing support is available for authors who would like us to check their changes to a manuscript that has been worked on by us.

Our re-editing support service will benefit you if

  • You need to incorporate suggestions made by your supervisor
  • You would like to implement the changes proposed by the journal editors/reviewers.
  • You need to make further revisions to your paper after it has been edited by us.

Whatever your requirement, we offer complete re-editing support right up to the final version of your document. Simply bring us your revised document and get re-editing support at a 60% discount.

Note: We provide complete re-editing support on manuscripts on which you have made further revisions after we submitted the edited file to you.

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