Here's how editage helps you get published

We understand that each author’s needs are different. The videos below are designed to help you understand our services better so that you can choose the right service.

Helping you get your journals published

This short video shows how Editage helps a non-native English-speaking author get published globally, at every step of his publication journey.

Helping researchers publish globally

At Editage, we help researchers break barriers of geography and language to publish their research in high-impact journals with ease.

The Editage Online System

A unique secure platform designed to manage all your interactions with Editage, your publication partner. Learn more about how this platform can help ease your publication journey.

Which editing service is right for your manuscript

Watch this video to compare the different editing services we offer and choose the one best suited for your manuscript.

Introducing Editage Video Summaries

Using text, images, animation, and voiceover, the scientific writers and illustrators at Editage can help tell the complete story of your research in a short and engaging video.

Common trends in non-native English

Editage trainer Ms. Melinda Hull has several years of experience in training authors on effective research communication. She also helps them improve their writing skills.

How CoE works

At Editage, every manuscript is assigned to one of our twenty specialized subject-area teams called Centers of Excellence or CoEs for subject-specific editing. Watch this video to understand how.

Need personalised help from experts at every stage of the publication process?

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