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Leveraging 12+ years of expertise across 515 disciplines, Editage has helped over 72,000 authors publish in international peer-reviewed journals. We specialize in publication-focused research paper editing services. Our high-quality academic editing and publication support services assist you at every stage of the research publication cycle, even after submission!

Editing Services

Premium Editing
Premium Editing
Intensive, publication-focused editing to increase chances of acceptance (includes free re-editing support for 365 days)
Advanced Editing
Advanced Editing
Detailed English-language editing for a publication-ready manuscript with native-level English
Basic language and grammar check for an error-free manuscript
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Publication Support

Platinum Pack
Platinum Pack
High-value pack for support till publication, along with premium editing and pre-submission peer review
Gold Pack
Gold Pack
Complete pack for support till publication, with high-quality English-language editing
Silver Pack
Silver Pack
Budget pack for essential publication assistance to save your time
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Our customer-first approach

At Editage, in everything we do we place you, the customer, first. Through our academic editing and publication support services, we provide you with complete support right up to publication. Learn more >>

  • Services crafted by industry experts
  • Customer support in 6 languages
  • Native-English editors (MDs or PhDs)
  • Choose your preferred editor
  • Free consultation with your editor
  • Multiple-round editing
  • Post-submission/
    resubmission service
  • 24/7 access to your documents
  • Your preferences are stored to give you a better service

Our subject-area expertise

We provide research paper editing expertise through 20 subject-area specialized teams known as Centers of Excellence (CoEs). Our CoEs cover 515+ subjects classified under the five broad disciplines listed below. See the complete subject list >>

  • Medical Services
  • Life Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Business and Economics
    Business and

Quality assurance

With Editage you are never taking a chance! You can rest assured that with every manuscript, you will receive

Quality assurance
  • 100% on-time delivery and quality guarantee
  • An editing certificate to confirm that your manuscript meets international publication standards
  • Subject-specific editorial expertise of PhDs, MDs, and BELS certified editors
  • Confidentiality and security with ISMS-certified systems

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Academic Translation with Editing

Academic Translation with Editing For a manuscript that is true to its original content and reflects native-level English Explore >>
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