Significance of Professional Translation Services for Your Academic Publication

You can probably get your academic paper translated by someone you know. That, however, comes with many risks. Your friend is not likely to be a professional and you may not be aware of his/her expertise in the target language. Basic knowledge about a certain language or being able to speak another language is inadequate when it comes to academic translation.

Translation as such is a specialized skill, and if not left to the professionals, your translated paper will fail to have the desired impact and can negatively affect your reputation as a researcher. Academic translation requires a good command over the translation language pair and specialization in your field of research. In the case of academic papers, professional translation services have much to offer.

Translators with expertise in your topic of research
Academic translation services exist to help you get published in the language of your choice. With the resources and processes required to deliver an accurately translated paper that is ready for submission, they specialize in publication-focused translation. Professional translation services are likely to have a repository of translators specializing in your niche area of research as they hire translators with expertise in various academic disciplines. This is important as subject-specific translators are more likely to translate your research in a way that the concept is expressed clearly while following the grammar rules of the target language. In addition, they will be aware of and pay attention to subject-specific conventions.

Translation followed by editing
Only well-written, correctly structured papers get accepted for publication. To achieve publication, you will need much more than plain translation. You will need the translated document to be reviewed by a bilingual translator who can check whether the translated text correctly expresses the ideas in the original manuscript. The reviewed document then needs to be edited for correct usage of the target language, followed by a final review where your document will be checked for language, grammar, and formatting. Professional academic translation services employ tried and tested processes to give you a high-quality manuscript that is ready for submission.

Project management
By assigning a client manager or point of contact to each author, professional translation services can take away some of your burden and frustration. The client manager serves as your personal project manager and is in charge of understanding your specific requirements and handling the entire process from start to finish.

Expertise in the language your paper will be translated into
If you do not have any knowledge about the target language and are not capable of assessing the translated document, look for a reputable translation service that regularly translates academic papers such as yours. Professional academic translators are well-trained and highly experienced in working on research manuscripts intended for publication.


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