Editing your Annual Report

The quality of your annual report and the message it conveys not only represents your company’s corporate health but also establishes your brand image and your company’s credibility in the eyes of shareholders, potential investors, future customers, and even competitors. Clearly, it is one of the most important documents you will produce. That’s why it is important to ensure that your annual report is error-free and consistent in its messaging, by getting it professionally edited before you go to print.

How does our report editing service work?

Editage’s report editing service is driven by professional editors who know what it takes to craft an effective report. Here’s how it works:

Manuscript Editing Process step 1
An editor with subject-area and report-editing expertise is chosen to work on your document.

Our editors have the expertise and experience of editing a variety of report types—from business reports to academic and scientific reports. To ensure that you have access to qualified content expertise, every report is routed to an editor who specializes in that subject area. This helps you get a well-formatted publication-ready document.

Manuscript Editing Process step 2
The editor helps you prepare a print-ready, succinct, and clear report by reviewing and correcting the following aspects:*
  • Clarity of information and consistency in messaging and data*
  • Sentence structure, word choice, redundancy, and wordiness
  • Punctuation, spelling, and typographical errors
  • Conventions and formatting within the report
  • Grammar and language
  • Report structure and coherence *
  • Presentation, tone, logic, and flow *
  • *Part of our Premium Editing service

    Our editors do not change the data, content, or intention of your report.

Manuscript Editing Process step 3
You receive the edited report, review it, and contact your editor in case of any doubts or questions

You report has to be perfect! And if you still have some doubts or questions after you receive your edited report, or if you have revised some parts of it and need your editor to review those parts+, your editor will be accessible to you. You simply need to contact us.

+Second and subsequent rounds of editing are eligible for a discount under Advanced Editing and are available free under Premium Editing.

We back our editing with a 100% quality guarantee, because we are confident that once your report is edited by us, its language, presentation, and clarity will impress any current or potential stakeholder.

Report editing services to suit your specific needs

We offer two distinct services to match your report editing and proofreading needs.

  • Advanced Editing

    Advanced Editing

    If you are confident about the organization of your document but would like us to check the language thoroughly, go for this level.

  • Premium Editing

    Premium Editing

    Choose this service if you would like a thorough check for both language and the overall structure, clarity, flow, logic, and coherence of your document.

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