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Your thesis is the sum of your research efforts. It holds the key to your academic credibility and the rest of your academic career. That’s why it is so important to get it right.
We understand the pressure points you face when putting together your thesis—how to write an effective thesis statement, how to structure your thesis for the greatest impact, how to ensure that the language matches up to the high standards set by your seniors, etc. And our thesis editing services are designed to help you address these problem areas and finalize an impressive thesis.

Here’s how we help you prepare an impressive thesis

Manuscript Editing Process step 1
We match your thesis to the right editorial expert.

We assign your thesis to the editor with both theses editing experience and subject-matter expertise, so that your thesis benefits from the nuanced review of an editor who understands both the subject and the genre.

Manuscript Editing Process step 2
Drawing on his/her extensive theses editing expertise, the editor reviews and corrects the following aspects of your thesis: *
  • Clarity of the thesis statement
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • Academic conventions, style, and tone
  • Grammar and language
  • Word choice, wordiness, and repetition
  • Formatting and referencing
  • Coherence, flow, presentation, and logic
  • Spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors
  • *Service elements offered vary based on the service level you choose. Our editors follow ethical publication and editing practices and do not alter the content or meaning of your thesis.
Manuscript Editing Process step 3
We return your edited thesis; you then review it and get back to us if you have any questions or need further revision.

Your editor will be available to you even after your thesis has been edited—simply contact us and we will get your questions answered or provide further editorial assistance for any changes+ that you may need to make.

+Second and subsequent rounds of editing are eligible for a discount under Advanced Editing and are available free under Premium Editing.

Thesis proofreading services are available individually and in combination with all the thesis editing services.

Having defended theses themselves, our editors know exactly what problems to look out for in a thesis. That is why we can offer you a 100% quality guarantee when you send us your thesis for editing—your edited work will meet the highest standards of academic writing and will showcase impeccable language.

Choose from two editing levels based on your needs

We recognize that everyone does not require the same kind of editing support; you can choose one of the following service levels:

  • Advanced Editing

    Advanced Editing

    If you are confident about the organization of your document but would like us to check the language thoroughly, go for this level.

  • Premium Editing

    Premium Editing

    Choose this level if you would like a thorough check for language and the overall structure, clarity, flow, logic, and coherence of your document.

How it works

  • Select a service
    and a plan
  • Upload document & request
    customised price quote
  • Confirm quote and
    place order
  • Make payment and
    download edited document

We start working on your paper immediately

You get 100% quality and confidentiality assurance with all our online English editing and proofreading services!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the range of word reduction your services offer while editing my thesis? We offer up to 20% reduction in word count under our Premium Editing PLUS and Premium Editing Service. Know more