About Editage

Editage, a division of Cactus Communications, was established in April 2002 with an aim to accelerate the development of global scientific research. We strive to help science break through the confines of geography and language. To this end, we partner with scientific, academic, and pharmaceutical communities worldwide and leverage the expertise of 1400+ professionals to create compelling, high-quality scientific communications.

With one of the largest in-house editing teams in the world, more than 72,000+ clients across 116 countries trust us with their communication and publication needs. Our offices in the United States, India, Japan, China, and South Korea ensure that we have a strong global presence to cater to our clients across the world. We provide our services to researchers, journals, publishers, pharmaceutical companies, and corporations worldwide


Our US OfficeOur team comprises peer reviewers, journal editors, publication specialists, and professional editors and translators with specialized backgrounds and relevant industry experience. One out of every ten BELS-certified editors across the world is associated with Editage, and this number keeps increasing each year. Our panel of editing and publication experts ensure that we deliver superior and publication-ready output at par with international standards across 515+ subject - areas. Most of our editors are researchers and published authors themselves, so we understand the importance of publication and can help authors navigate the complex publication process with ease.


Anuragh Goel

Anurag Goel CEO

Anurag brings to the organization expertise in general management and experience across a diverse range of industries, countries, and cultures. Prior to CACTUS, Anurag worked with McKinsey and Company. As a member of their pan-European Corporate Finance and Strategy Practice, he has traveled extensively throughout continental Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, and East Asia. Anurag received a BS in Economics from the Wharton School of Business and a BAS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania as a graduate of the prestigious Jerome Fisher Dual Degree Program in Management and Technology.

Donald Samulack

Donald Samulack PhD, President, U.S. Operations

Donald brings to CACTUS an insider’s perspective of the clinical and academic spheres, as well as extensive pharmaceutical and biotechnology experience. After a PhD in medical physiology from McGill University and several years of postdoctoral research in the US and Canada, he left the academic environment to work in the pharmaceutical services sector. Prior to joining CACTUS, Donald was Director of the Department of Scientific Editing at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Tennessee, where he acquired an in-depth understanding of clinical processes and documentation requirements; regulatory issues; and scientific writing, editing, and publication processes.


Our Vision

We are TRUSTED ADVISORS who help make research more accessible, accelerating global science and human development, through a combination of INSPIRED PEOPLE and GREAT TECHNOLOGY.


Integrity Have the courage to do what is right, not easy

We believe in being true to ourselves and working in a manner that is forthright and fair.

Trust Be dependable and have faith in others

Trust is what got us here. By being reliable and relying on others, we create a positive environment and strengthen relationships.

Excellence Be the best at what you do and set new standards

For us, good enough is never enough. We constantly push ourselves to achieve what seems impossible.

Innovation Find new ways to make things better: change, improve, and simplify

To innovate is to evolve. Our dynamic environment encourages us to seek new ideas, big and small, and constantly challenge the status quo.

Communication Communicate actively and constructively; influence thought and relationships

Everyone has a view and every view is important. We listen, understand, appreciate, and talk. Through open dialogue, we arrive at solutions.

Fun Have fun...seriously!

For us, it's all work and just as much play; it is this balance that drives us to put in our best. We express our individuality but also celebrate, learn, share, and laugh together.