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Professional document editing and proofreading

Professional document editing and proofreading

What is a professional document?

International collaboration among companies, organizations, and professionals is growing rapidly. Thus, communicating technical information with other companies, agencies, and audiences has become important. A professional document can be a report, presentation, or a document that has technical information relating to the profession of the parties involved. Editage is now offering professional document editing and proofreading services We have experienced professionals who can handle professional documents from any field. Use the knowledge of our experts and communicate confidently with the world.

What is professional document editing?

Non-native English speaking professionals often need to communicate with other professionals through professional documents. A professional document such as a report, presentation, contract, or invoice involves the use of many technical terms. Our editors are not only English language experts but also professionals with years of experience. They edit your professional document with specific knowledge of your industry or profession. Your subject-specific professional document editor edits your document to ensure that the language and grammar conform to the highest international standards. This results in a clear, well-written professional document.

What is professional document proofreading?

Proofreading a professional document is the most important step to ensure the accuracy of the document. Once the grammar and the language of your document have been perfected, an experienced senior editor proofreads it thoroughly. Even the smallest error in your document can lead to miscommunication and have a negative impact on your reputation. Apart from sentence construction and language clarity, our editors check your professional document in detail to ensure that all aspects of the document are perfect. Even professionals who are confident about their English are often pressed for time, which can lead to an oversight. Our professional document proofreading service is designed for various types of professionals. Whether you are constrained by time or by language, our experts can enable you to become to communicate professionally with the world.

Why should I choose Editage?

Our services come with an on-time delivery and quality guarantee. We work on a document until it is perfect and the client is satisfied with its quality. Our editors are subject-matter experts capable of handling any kind of document. Technical documents often need to be in a specific format. Not only do we edit your document for language, but we also format the document free of charge. Your document is first edited and formatted by a subject-matter expert. Subsequently, a senior editor reviews and proofreads the document to ensure that the language is of the highest quality. If you are a professional who has to send out hundreds of documents in various different formats, then our experts can help you save a lot of time and effort. Our Editing services are available in many different service levels as well as pricing and delivery options. No matter what your requirements we can find an option that is suits your needs. Your competitors are looking for any edge they can find. Do not risk your reputation as a professional; use a professional document editing and proofreading service for your documents and stay ahead of the competition.

Our promise to you… You must love every aspect of our quality and service or we insist on refunding you in full—cheerfully and without hesitation.

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