Journal Retraction

How serious is an erratum, expression of concern, or a retraction? They should all be avoided as they do not reflect well on your research if it needs to be corrected or…
What authors need to know about errata, expressions of concern, and retractions
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Should plagiarism lead to retraction in all circumstances?
Retraction is one of the most widely discussed topics in the publication industry, and authors should be aware of its implications.
While the phenomenon of retraction has received a lot of attention from the scientific community, what has not received enough eyeballs are retraction notices. Most…
Retractions are central to academic publishing, but they have been too journal-centric and stereotyped. Therefore, researchers hesitate to disclose even honest errors in…
Can self-retraction motivate researchers to correct the scientific record?
In this post, we discuss the why retractions occur and how ethical researchers can deal with the prospect of their work being retracted.