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Are you confused about topics like how to publish a research paper and how to publish a book? Does research paper publication confront you as a foreign unfamiliar venture? Are you constantly looking for clues on how to make research papers more appealing to journal editors? Then you’ve made the right choice by visiting this page. Quick tips and handy resources to help researchers with academic research, manuscript writing, journal submission, and manuscript publishing.
Using Meta Science to streamline researcher workflow systems
This article explores five of the most popular tools that researchers are leveraging within Meta Science to stay on top of their research, collaborate with their peers, and enrich the quality of their papers. It will also provide a step-by-step guide to help new Meta Science users take advantage of these same tools.
How researchers and journals use preprints to make research freely accessible
How can more scholars and journals embrace preprints to make research freely accessible? How are new uses of preprint servers changing the academic publishing landscape? This post 
How researchers can increase the visibility of their work with social media
Publishing your research in scholarly journals is important, but what may be even more important is getting the scientific information into everyday communication streams, that is, social media. This editorial outlines how best to move your scholarly work into social media outlets and how to track your success in a social media world.
The Chicago Manual of Style is commonly used by authors writing academic manuscripts as it contains detailed guidelines on various aspects of writing as well as language and grammar. This video, prepared and presented by The University of Chicago Press, is an introduction to The Chicago Manual of Style. It is geared toward writers, students, librarians, businesses, and anyone interested in using the Manual to support their work. First, it gives a general overview of the Manual and explains how...
Know Your Journal: PNAS
This post provides basic information for those planning to submit a paper to PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA).
Survival tips for postdocs
Often PhD graduates find it difficult to deal with the challenges of a postdoctoral position because they are unprepared to face them. To keep you motivated, we have come up with 8 rhymes which will not only help you survive the postdoc life but also thrive in it.
Know Your Journal: Nature Methods
This post provides factual information and submission tips about the journal Nature Methods for the researchers who plan to submit articles to the journal.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
This post summarizes the information of interest to potential contributors to the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
Know Your Journal: International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics
Are you planning to submit a research paper to the journal International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics? This post provides factual information, tips,  and guidance to authors. 
Editorial Manager: A tutorial for authors
Editorial Manager® (EM) is the manuscript submission system of choice for many well-known journals. This post provides step-by-step instructions on how authors can use this system to submit their manuscript as well as track it on the system. 


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