Just as the impact factor of a journal is one measure of the journal’s standing, prestige, or impact, the h-index (after Hirsch, who first proposed the measure1
Style and Format
Tables and figures, although important components of many research papers, are just that—components; you can publish a paper without them but you cannot publish tables or figures without a paper. And...
Publication Buzzwords
Ghost authorship has been one of the persistent problems in medical writing. The recent case involving Bruce Spiegelman from Harvard’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute 
Grammar and Writing
Many English-second language authors find it quite difficult to write concisely, because they cannot find appropriate words to substitute long phrases. In fact, conforming to a given word count limit...
Books, Resources, and Tools
There are many books on the topic of scientific and research writing, but most researchers hardly have the time to delve into such books. If only there was something concise and yet enlightening! ...
English Communication
The sphere of scientific communication is dominated by English. Even though ESL (English-as-a-second-language) authors may have conducted groundbreaking research and published their findings in their...
Case: One of our publication experts had been in talks with a non-native...
The Editor of the journal to which I have submitted my paper, has written to me...

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