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Manuscript Structure
Many journals expect scientific research papers to be written in the traditional format, which is often known as the IMRaD format (Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, and Discussion).
Career Advancement
How researchers can choose the right career path
The most important career question a researcher faces is that of choosing between exploring non-research-based positions and continuing with research. A non-academic career may not be entirely...
Beyond Research
Narratives about scientists can be historically relevant and insightful to the scientific community. Grounded by this assertion, I retell real life accounts of one of the most exciting scientific...
Style and Format
Should authors spend too much time in manuscript formatting?
Manuscript formatting has been an integral part of journal submission and authors spend considerable time and effort formatting their manuscripts to meet journal requirements and if their manuscript...
Global Trends
China’s SCI-oriented research output evaluation system needs a makeover
China’s contribution to global research has increased steadily and significantly. One of the main reasons for this increased visibility is China’s Science Citation Index (SCI) focused scientific...
I am a non-native speaker of English and this is my first article. My...
 The American Journal of Psychiatry
Quick facts about The American Journal of Psychiatry. 

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