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Publication Planning
Guidelines for researchers on scientific publishing
Aspiring scholars rightly recognize publication of their first peer-reviewed paper as a critical career milestone. It signals active engagement with the discourse in a field and contribution to the...
Global Trends
Qatar’s rise as a global research destination
Qatar is rapidly gaining popularity as one of the top destinations for researchers across the globe. The country is trying to transition into a knowledge economy, and is therefore, investing heavily...
Publication Buzzwords
Nobel Prize facts infographic 1
Do you know how many years ago the first Nobel Prize was awarded? Do you know the story behind how these prizes, considered the highest honor any scientist can receive, came into existence? This...
Researcher Voice
Challenges faced by early-career researchers in Jordan
Early career researchers face countless challenges as they push their way through the academic publishing world. Most of these issues are experienced by many but are never openly addressed. In this...
Submission and Peer Review
Is being a peer reviewer a kind of recognition in itself?
Discussions about peer review usually revolve around incentivizing peer review, acknowledging reviewers, and making their contribution count. But isn’t being a peer reviewer a form of recognition in...
Career Advancement
An overview of SSP’s survey
Early career professionals face various challenges while trying to carve a successful career path for themselves. To understand their requirements and problems and help them overcome those, the...
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
This post summarizes the information of interest to potential contributors to...
I wish I could see the comments of all the reviewers, but the editor has only...

Recent Articles

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Presenting at an academic conference is an opportunity that most young researchers look forward to. However, addressing a large audience can make you feel nervous, at least the first few times. This... Read More
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Ethical principles of publishing traditional medicine research
The ethics of research in traditional medicine have recently been hotly debated. This post helps authors understand the ethical principles governing publication in traditional medicine journals by... Read More

Featured Interview

Dr. Takaaki Kajita, won the Nobel Prize in 2015 (jointly with Arthur McDonald) for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which solved the longstanding and perplexing Solar neutrino problem. Following his graduation at Saitama University in 1981, Dr. Kajita received his doctoral degree from Tokyo University in 1986. He is currently the director of the Institute for Cosmic Ray Research (ICRR). In addition to the Nobel Prize, Dr. Kajita has bagged several awards for his work, the most recent being the Special Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics in 2016.

What's New in Research?

Plant and Animal Science
How animals detect and react to high temperatures
To understand behavioral responses of animals to fast and...