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I am currently writing a few research papers. From my office in France, I must write with my co-authors located in Brazil and two different cities in the USA. How can I collaborate on the writing of...
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Researchers are under great pressure to get published and conducting reviewer-suggested experiments can have an adverse impact on researchers’ career as well as prevent good research from reaching...
Submission and Peer Review
It is important to compose a good rebuttal letter or response letter as a cover letter for your revised manuscript that explains how you have responded to peer reviewer comments
A cover letter for a revised manuscript should be sent to the editor along with the author’s responses to the reviewer comments. This letter is often called the response letter or the rebuttal letter.
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The Breakthrough Prize honored 14 pioneering scientists in the fields of fundamental physics, life sciences, and mathematics with $3 million each.
The Breakthrough Prize, the largest award in sciences, honored 14 pioneering scientists in the fields of fundamental physics, life sciences, and mathematics with $3 million each. The 2015...
Grammar and Writing
When to use "woman" and "female" in scientific writing to keep the writing gender neutral or free of gender bias
Authors often wonder when to use "woman" and "female" to keep scientific writing free of gender bias
Gastrointestinal Nursing is a journal dedicated to gastroenterology and stoma care nurses, and provides a platform for these nurses to share their best practices and the innovations they have introduced at their hospitals and departments.
This article series has attempted to describe the unique role played by...
Dear Dr. Eddy, I had submitted a paper for publication in a journal, but it...

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People in crowds subconsciously calculate and predict when they are likely to collide with other people.
According to Brian Skinner, a physicist at the Argonne...