Career Advancement
Literature reading is critical to scientific research because this habit will generate a sense of appreciation and passion for science.
Manuscript Structure
The Economist style guide
This post emphasizes the need to confirm that all the sources that are being cited are credible in order to avoid misrepresenting the facts from cited sources.
Publication Buzzwords
Why journals reject manuscripts
Although the pace of scientific progress has been rapid, at times, its momentum falters due to stumbling blocks such as irreproducibility of research, fraudulent publications, and honest mistakes.
Publication Ethics
Journals will not publish your paper if your study involves human subjects and you have not obtained informed consent.
Grammar and Writing
Capitalization in bulleted lists
Although the Acknowledgments section of a research paper is perhaps the easiest to write, this simple exercise can prove difficult. This post offers you some helpful tips.
My paper has been published for over six months. Recently, an expert in my...
Organization Science publishes groundbreaking research about organizations, essays on important new organizational phenomena, and current debates on organizations.
Learn about the journal Organization Science in this brief profile of key facts...

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