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Global Trends
Can the high host specificity of phages be used to our advantage, in order to establish a preventive and therapeutic method for some chronic diseases?
Can the high host specificity of phages be used to our advantage, in order to establish a preventive and therapeutic method for some chronic diseases?
English Communication
Science magazines such as Scientific American and New Scientist do not have impact factors; yet, the impact of publishing an article in these magazines can be far greater: National Geographic, for...
Publication Buzzwords
Will Sci-Hub change the face of academic publishing forever?
Should access to academic research be free? In the past year, this seemingly moral issue took a legal twist with Elsevier suing the founder of Sci-Hub. This website which provides unauthorized access...
Career Advancement
Survey on employment decisions of U.S. and foreign doctoral graduates
International mobility among researchers has increased, and policymakers are interested in knowing the factors that influence researchers’ employment decisions. This post highlights some of the...
Manuscript Structure
Graphical and video abstracts are the way forward as they suit the changing digital media and communication landscape
With the evolving digital media landsape, scientific communication is changing to adapt to the needs of a new age audience. Graphical and video abstracts are fast gaining traction as innovative ways...
Dear Dr. Eddy, The reviewer thought it would be interesting to add a picture of...
The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
This post provides concise guidance for authors planning to contribute to The...

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Can self-retraction boost the efforts to correct the scientific record?
Retractions are central to academic publishing, but they have been too journal-centric and stereotyped. Therefore, researchers hesitate to disclose even honest errors in their papers for the fear of... Read More
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Journal editor change leads to manuscript rejection
As an author, you might be relieved once your paper receives a conditional acceptance. But what if the journal rejects the paper later, not because the revisions are not satisfactory, but just... Read More

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Lacey E. Earle is Vice President of Business Development for Cabell’s International and leads corporate relations and business partnerships. She is well-versed in the many facets of academic publishing with over 12 years of experience in the industry. In her tenure at Cabell's, Lacey has successfully shepherded the company through the development and implementation of its proprietary journal evaluation systems and led the company's expansion from journal data collection and processing to journal ranking and evaluation.

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Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology
Germs could trigger type-1 diabetes
A team of researchers from Cardiff University's Systems...
Earth and Planetary Science
Interaction between magnetic fields of Earth and sun observed
Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet’s atmosphere...