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Publication Planning
Help journal editors help you: Five top tips for authors
As an author, you want to get published in the right journal by the right editor. Terry Monahan, Managing Editor of the journal Eye and Contact Lens shares her top five tips so you can avoid being...
Manuscript Structure
Writing a statement of the problem for a research proposal
The first and most important step in any research is to identify and delineate the research problem. However, many researchers find this task difficult. This article is a step-by-step guide to...
Researcher Voice
Challenges faced by early-career researchers in Jordan
Early career researchers face countless challenges as they push their way through the academic publishing world. Most of these issues are experienced by many but are never openly addressed. In this...
Global Trends
Asia is one of the powerhouses of global research and development performance, and the Republic of Korea has emerged as one of the leading Asian nations in terms of innovation and economic growth....
Career Advancement
Promoting your article in the social media age
Each year, about 2.5 million articles are published in scholarly journals worldwide. Countless news articles, e-newsletters, blog posts, and multimedia content such as videos and podcasts are...
Industry news
Editage Insights survey - authors opinions on journal publishing
As authors, you are at the center of the academic publishing system. What according to you needs change about academic publishing? Take this survey to let us know: Author perspectives on the academic...
Difference between a thesis and a journal article
This infographic lists nine ways in which a thesis is different from a journal...
I have submitted a manuscript to one of the PubMed listed journals and it was...

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Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, April 2017
The month of April was perhaps the most exciting time for academics around the world as several hundred researchers and supporters of science participated in the March for Science. While this... Read More
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Why you should be a skeptical scientist
"Don’t take my word for it, but being a scientist is about being a skeptic," says Tim van der Zee in this post. Read on to know why he thinks scientists should be skeptical of what they read and the... Read More

Featured Interview

Danielle Padula, Community Development Coordinator at Scholastica, is responsible for managing Scholastica’s blog and social media activity. She also develops content for journal teams to help them understand best publication practices and for researchers to help them in their publication journey. In this interview, Danielle discusses a white paper published by Scholastica "Democratizing Academic Journals: Technology, Services, and Open Access" that discusses the problem of serials crisis in the current academic publishing scenario. In addition to talking about the circumstances that led to the serials crisis, she shares her thoughts on what major stakeholders of science should do to manage this problem.

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Earth and Planetary Science
The Milky Way has a hydrogen veil
While it is known that a large bulk of the mass of our...