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Tables and Figures
Journal figure guideline
In this article, Ashley Smith discusses the common areas of author confusion regarding figure guidelines and offers suggestions on how to simplify and clarify journal guidelines.
Style and Format
Should authors spend too much time in manuscript formatting?
As an academic copyeditor who helps authors prepare journal-ready manuscripts on a daily basis, I work on a number of manuscripts that need to be formatted as per guidelines stipulated by a journal....
Publication Buzzwords
Overview of Taylor & Francis report
Peer review is considered by most scholars to be a reliable method of evaluating research qualitatively. But what are the perspectives of authors, peer reivewers, and journal editors on peer review?...
Publication Ethics
In the event of the death of a co-author during research or manuscript preparation, is it possible to include him as a co-author?
What happens if one of the co-authors of a study passes away during manuscript preparation. Does his intellectual contribution merit authorship even if he has not been part of the drafting the...
Submission and Peer Review
Why peer reviewers refuse review requests
As the volume of publishing is increasing, journal editors are finding it increasingly difficult to appoint reviewers as many refuse review requests. What are the reasons behind this refusal apart...
Book review: Writing for Science Journals: Tips, Tricks, and a Learning plan
This post reviews the book Writing for Science Journals: Tips, Tricks, and a...
I am affiliated to both a hospital and a university. I have three questions...

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Authorship: An evolving concept
The role and definition of authorship in scientific and medical publishing has become increasingly complicated in recent years. With a proliferation of collaboration and co-authorship in academic... Read More

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Richard Wynne, Vice President, Editorial Manager (Aries Systems Corporation) Richard Wynne has been with Aries Systems Corporation since January 1999, and has played a major role in the development of Editorial Manager, the world’s leading online manuscript submission and peer review tracking system. Richard has also been involved in the development of ProduXion Manager, which serves the purpose of a content management system and is used by journals for post-acceptance manuscript tracking. In this interview, Richard talks about how tools like Editorial Manager benefit various segments of the publishing industry.

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