Career Advancement
More corporations are becoming proactive with funding initiatives as they add two more lines in their business accounting in addition to loss/profit: social and environmental concerns. Learn how...
Publication Ethics
Money is believed to buy everything—including authorship in journals covered by SCI, the Science Citation
Global Trends
Given the research community’s increasing interest in open access and the fact that several countries are adopting it as an integral part of scientific communication (e.g. China and the USA), i
Manuscript Structure
This post emphasizes the need to confirm that all the sources that are being cited are credible in order to avoid misrepresenting the facts from cited sources.
Publication Buzzwords
The most infamous incident of academic misconduct in 2014 was the acid-bath stem cell research by Haruko Obokata at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Japan. This controversy reminded...
Case:  A manuscript on a new diagnostic technique to diagnose cervical cancer...
Dear Dr. Eddy, Can I redo research done earlier by somebody else and publish...

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