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English Communication
Formal scientific communication
In writing to academics and scientists, perhaps the solution is simple enough: use Dear Dr Tanaka or Dr Smith or whatever surname or family name your correspondent has—if he or she ha
Manuscript Structure
One of the most basic and important aspect of a research paper is the title. Writing the a research paper title may seem a simple task, but it requires some serious thought.
Publication Ethics
Informed consent
Journals will not publish your paper if your study involves human subjects and you have not obtained informed consent.
Career Advancement
Literature reading is critical to scientific research because this habit will generate a sense of appreciation and passion for science.
Books, Resources, and Tools
Brief reveiw of Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English
A brief review of the scope and special features of a new learner's dictionary from Oxford University Press, meant for learners of academic English.
The open access (OA) movement is gaining worldwide consensus as more and more...
Dear Dr. Eddy, My paper was rejected by a SCI journal because the plagiarism...

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Peer review rigging: Should authors be allowed to suggest peer reviewers?
The pressure to publish has led some authors to exploit the peer review system and indulge in peer review rigging. These scandals have prompted discussions among experts about a significant issue:... Read More
Under Style and Format | By Yateendra Joshi | 330 Views | 0 Comments
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A few points of style related to bacterial nomenclature
The article discusses a few points of style related to bacterial nomenclature. Read More

What's New in Research?

Earth and Planetary Science
Saturn's orbital patterns shape Titan's ancient dunes
Giant sand dunes make up the surface of Titan, Saturn’s...
Arts, Humanities, and Social Science
Josephine Joordens, a biologist at Leiden University, found a seashell to have zigzag engraving—a doodle—that was made by Homo erectus half a million years ago.
Josephine Joordens, a biologist at Leiden University, found...