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Publication Ethics
Foul play in scientific publishing: the phenomenon of academic papers being held hostage
With science becoming increasingly competitive, every published paper is seen as a step up the ladder of success. Thus, blocking or delaying publication of an academic paper has become a way for...
Global Trends
Asia is one of the powerhouses of global research and development performance, and the Republic of Korea has emerged as one of the leading Asian nations in terms of innovation and economic growth....
Publication Buzzwords
Outcome switching in clinical trials
Many researchers indulge in what is known as ‘outcome switching,’ which means the trial report does not include outcomes that are part of the pre-registration, or includes new outcomes without any...
Career Advancement
10 Survival strategies for the postdoc life
A postdoc position is often looked upon as a stepping stone to a tenure track faculty position. But a postdoc also involves a unique set of challenges which many PhD graduates do not anticipate when...
Career Advancement
How to create an academic CV
Having a good academic CV is the first and perhaps most crucial step towards getting started on your career path after your PhD. Most often, the CV is the door that leads to interview calls. This...
I wonder how, in my area of biomechanics, balance and electromyography, could I...
15 Career paths for PhDs and postdocs
Often, PhDs and postdocs are confused about choosing the right career after...

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Improving scholarship by improving peer review
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Melinda Kenneway and Charlie Rapple are co-founders of Kudos, a web-based service that helps various researchers, institutions, funders, and publishers maximize the visibility and impact of published articles. Melinda entered the scholarly communications industry after a degree in Experimental Psychology. She has been the Marketing Director of the Journals Division at Oxford University Press and is co-founder of a specialist marketing agency for publishers, institutions, and societies. Charlie is a volunteer for the industry association UKSG and an Associate Editor of Learned Publishing. Her previous roles include head of group marketing at Publishing Technology, electronic publishing and account management at CatchWord, and linking and product management at Ingenta. Charlie holds a BA and a postgraduate MDip in Marketing.

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