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This post, co-authored by Sylwia B. Ufnalska and Arjan K.S. Polderman, drafts a list of golden rules for editors.
Beyond Research
The stereotypical view of a nurse is a person who tends the sick, injured, or infirm. However, I have realized that there is much more to the role of gastroenterology and stoma care nurses than...
Publication Buzzwords
Retraction is a way of alerting the research community of a paper’s questionable credibility. So why are retracted papers cited?
The Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) produces guidelines and documents that assist publishers, editors, and editorial board members in conducting themselves ethically and professionally in the...
Submission and Peer Review
Once a manuscript is submitted to a journal, it goes through an initial screening process which involves a preliminary review by the journal editor. At this stage, the editor has to choose any one of...
I submitted my manuscript to a journal and received an outright rejection...
Learn about the journal Cell in this brief profile of key facts, requirements,...

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Most journals have online submission systems, which have definitely made it easier and quicker for authors to submit their manuscripts. Once a manuscript is submitted, there is an online tracking... Read More

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