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Global Trends
sustainability science tie-ups
Sustainability science is becoming increasingly collaborative and global, a recent report found, but researchers say cooperation between scientists from the North and South remains scarce and...
Career Advancement
8 Tips for a successful academic job search
The academic job market is extremely competitive. You will have to stay ahead of the curve to be able to get a foothold in academia. This post will share tips to help you during the academic job...
Publication Buzzwords
The rise of mass authorship
Research is now primarily a collaborative and often an interdisciplinary endeavor. However, this has given rise to the trend of mass authorship and fractional authorship. As a result, discussions...
Tables and Figures
Journal figure guideline
In this article, Ashley Smith discusses the common areas of author confusion regarding figure guidelines and offers suggestions on how to simplify and clarify journal guidelines.
Manuscript Structure
Why you shouldn’t rely on p values
P value is the most commonly reported statistic in research papers, and yet is widely misunderstood and misused. Recently, the American Statistical Association (ASA) released the “Statement on...
7 expert views on the impact factor
Many people are of the opinion that the impact factor is the ultimate measure...
I found a mistake in one of the tables/figures in my paper after it was...

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Why academics think Brexit is bad news for UK science
Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) has sent massive shockwaves throughout the world. While the economists and politicians are worried about the economic stability of the nation post the... Read More


Featured Interview

Jon Tennant is currently a final year PhD (palaeontology) student at Imperial College London in the Department of Earth Science and Engineering. His research focuses on patterns of biodiversity and extinction in deep time and the biological and environmental drivers of these patterns. Jon is also passionate about science communication and strongly believes that science should be in the public domain. He takes a deep interest in following and talking about how current trends in open science impact science communication. He also maintains a blog, Green Tea and Velociraptors, and tweets actively about topics close to his heart.

What's New in Research?

Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology
Mosquito bite inflammation helps the replication of viruses
When a mosquito bites a human, it leaves behind some of its...
Plant and Animal Science
Female bears find human settlements ideal to protect cubs
Bear cubs are at a high risk of losing their life to...
Researchers uncover how butterfly wings appear bright and colorful
How are the wings of butterflies so colorful and bright?...