Style and Format
When writing a research paper for publication in a journal, following the journal’s style is very important and can be beneficial during the review process. Content will, of course, always be the top...
Manuscript Structure
Stem cell research in the limelight
Choosing a research question is clearly the first and most basic step to achieving publication success and advancing your career as a researcher. While many researchers stumble upon their research...
Artwork Design
Here are some aspects of presentation that can help make your tables more attractive and the data, easy to understand: 
Books, Resources, and Tools
Tips on writing an abstract and keywords
This post, co-authored by Sylwia B. Ufnalska and Arjan K.S. Polderman, drafts a list of golden rules for editors.
Beyond Research
The stereotypical view of a nurse is a person who tends the sick, injured, or infirm. However, I have realized that there is much more to the role of gastroenterology and stoma care nurses than...
Quick facts on Environmental Health Perspectives
Dear Dr. Eddy, I want to know if a paper is published in Chinese, can the same...

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Whenever we think about health-related academic literature published in journals, nurses as the authors would perhaps not spring to mind. There is certainly a dearth of literature produced by nurses... Read More
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Case: The author submitted a manuscript to a journal and received an editorial decision of “accept with major revisions.” The reviewer comments had recommended that some new experiments and analyses... Read More

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Earth and Planetary Science
Astronomer George Fraser of the University of Leicester, UK...
Earth and Planetary Science
Could water have been one of the planet-forming materials...