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Global Trends
What do you wish for a better future of science and academia? Our series of posts on Global Science explored the current trends in global scientific publishing and to enable the sharing of ideas...
Submission and Peer Review
Peer review rigging: Should authors be allowed to suggest peer reviewers?
The pressure to publish has led some authors to exploit the peer review system and indulge in peer review rigging. These scandals have prompted discussions among experts about a significant issue:...
Publication Planning
6 Types of articles that journals publish
It is important to have a clear idea about the different types of articles that you can publish in journals. This will help you understand the ways in which you can disseminate your work and identify...
Grammar and Writing
Choosing between 'case' and 'patient'
Most researchers avoid referring to individuals and using such terms as cases, subjects, and even data points that led the AMA Manual of Style to include specific guidance on this topic as part of...
Career Advancement
Before starting your search, it is important that you identify your goals and your work environment preferences.
This is a series of short articles dedicated to several aspects of how a foreign researcher can plan a successful postdoctoral experience in the United States. I made this transition several years...
Epidemiologic Reviews journal: Quick facts and submission tips
A quick overview of the submission requirements and author instructions of the...
My manuscript was recently rejected. However, I felt that my results had been...

Recent Articles

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How to submit a revision and tips on being a good peer reviewer
Most authors find it difficult to handle peer reviewer comments. On the other hand, they find it equally difficult to step into the shoes of reviewers themselves. This post explores both the roles a... Read More
Under Publication Ethics | By Kakoli Majumder | 131 Views | 0 Comments
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What happens when a journal makes an error in authorship credit? Production errors can occur sometimes, but need to be corrected immediately by issuing an erratum or publisher's note.
What happens when a journal credits someone else for an article instead of the actual author? Such production errors can occur at the time of publication. But what is disconcerting is that it can... Read More

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