Manuscript Structure
This post emphasizes the need to confirm that all the sources that are being cited are credible in order to avoid misrepresenting the facts from cited sources.
Publication Buzzwords
The most infamous incident of academic misconduct in 2014 was the acid-bath stem cell research by Haruko Obokata at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Japan. This controversy reminded...
Career Advancement
Literature reading is critical to scientific research because this habit will generate a sense of appreciation and passion for science.
ESL researchers who do not have the luxury of spending time writing in English and grappling with the nuances of the language can benefit considerably from translation services. They also have the...
Global Trends
China is the top annual producer of PhDs in the world today, having surpassed even the US since 2008. Despite the fact that post-graduate programs in China resumed only in 1978 after being stopped...
My journal has asked me to provide the names of at least three preferred...
Case: One of the documents we received for editing was a case report describing...

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