Career Advancement
“I saw the need. I saw the early signs of the change toward Open Access publishing. I saw the quickly growing need of Asian researchers to publish in English-language Western journals, and I saw how...
Publication Ethics
Case: One of the documents we received for editing was a case report describing a major facial surgery conducted on an accident victim. The report contained photographs of the patient showing some...
Publication Buzzwords
Retraction is one of the most widely discussed topics in the publication industry, and authors should be aware of its implications.
Submission and Peer Review
Case:  A manuscript on a new diagnostic technique to diagnose cervical cancer was submitted to a gynaecology journal. The paper was rejected after initial screening and the decision was communicated...
Grammar and Writing
Every author wants to see their paper published. However, even papers with novel and path breaking findings might face rejection due to basic mistakes in manuscript writing. To avoid this, authors...
Dear Dr. Eddy, I had submitted a paper for publication in a journal, but it...
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In recent years, cases of misconduct and unethical practices in publication have been increasing at an alarming rate. Cases of image manipulation, such as the highly publicized STAP stem cells case,... Read More
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Over the years in Brazil, open access has emerged as a favorable solution to help increase the visibility of Brazilian researchers in the global research arena, and the SciELO portal has proved to be... Read More

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