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Publication Buzzwords
lthough most researchers agree that data sharing is the scientific ideal, there exists a widespread skepticism regarding making their data publicly accessible.
The benefits of sharing data are immense. Although most researchers agree that data sharing is the scientific ideal, there exists a widespread skepticism regarding making their data publicly...
Submission and Peer Review
The scarce peer reviewer and challenges journal editors face
Journal editors face various challenges while appointing reviewers. This post discusses these challenges and how editors deal with them. 
Career Advancement
Follow a structured search strategy to make sure you don’t overlook relevant and similar publications. Sign up for alerts to keep up with newly published papers.
English Communication
Science magazines such as Scientific American and New Scientist do not have impact factors; yet, the impact of publishing an article in these magazines can be far greater: National Geographic, for...
Publication Ethics
The final manuscript should be approved by the co-authors before submission
Co-authors should be informed of all the changes made to a study. It is the duty of the lead author to keep all the co-authors informed of the developments of the study and to make sure they go...
4 Quick tips for researchers to make Google searches more effective
Researchers use Google for a variety of purposes. This post presents some quick...
I will cite the source, but just present the original text with a few minor...

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Peer reviewer points out existing study on the same topic that was not covered in the literature review
Every researcher conducts a literature search to ensure that the topic he or she has chosen to work on has not been published earlier. But what happens if, after submitting your manuscript, you... Read More
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Nature Nanotechnology
Quick facts and submission tips about the journal Nature Nanotechnology. Read More

Featured Interview

Richard Wynne, Vice President, Editorial Manager (Aries Systems Corporation) Richard Wynne has been with Aries Systems Corporation since January 1999, and has played a major role in the development of Editorial Manager, the world’s leading online manuscript submission and peer review tracking system. Richard has also been involved in the development of ProduXion Manager, which serves the purpose of a content management system and is used by journals for post-acceptance manuscript tracking. In this interview, Richard talks about how tools like Editorial Manager benefit various segments of the publishing industry.

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Earth and Planetary Science
Strong magnetic field detected around supermassive black holes
Astronomers from Chalmers University of Technology and...
Psychology and Neuroscience
Brain recognizes learned words in the form of pictures
Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC...
Earth and Planetary Science
When accumulating new material, stars would generate sound in a similar fashion as observed in the laboratory.
A group of researchers, including Dr. John Pasley of the...