Jan, 2014

Customized training for researchers in Korea

Customized training for researchers in Korea

As part of the Editage initiative to empower authors with knowledge about best publication practices, Editage organized customized training sessions for five research groups from Konkuk University, Seoul, between January 14 and 16, 2014. These sessions were conducted by Mr. Sarosh Syed (Managing editor, Editage) and were titled “Understanding Language Nuances with an Editor.” They were aimed at helping authors build an understanding of how language should be used while preparing a manuscript. In these sessions, Mr. Syed included English-language tips to help authors improve their writing style. Before the training commenced, he had analyzed papers authored by the participants in order to understand their needs and customize the training material to address their focus areas.

Mr. Syed divided his sessions into three parts.

Part One
In the first part, he discussed common errors made by authors when writing scientific manuscripts and shared some simple tips to help them enhance their writing style. He also delved into the finer aspects of writing such as presenting the different elements of a sentence, and manuscript, in logical order.

Part Two
In the second part, he demonstrated how editors approach a manuscript and what they look out for while correcting grammar and ensuring technical accuracy.

Part Three
In the last part of the training workshop—a Q&A session—Mr. Syed addressed participants’ questions on issues such as English-language usage, manuscript preparation, journal submission, and communication with the journal editor.
The idea for the workshops germinated from the need to create a communication channel between Editage and our clients (many of whom are also authors). “Through these sessions, we aimed to develop a more tangible relationship with authors, overcome the limitations imposed by e-mail communication, and provide a closer consulting service for our Editage clients,” said Mr. Syed. The participants benefited from Mr. Syed’s sessions as they were customized to their needs. They also showed a keen interest in the first-hand account of the editing process from an experienced academic editor who understood manuscript presentation and the publication process.
This customized training workshop was one of several Editage initiatives to help authors build a strong foundation for conducting and presenting research. Editage also organizes workshops for larger groups of researchers on topics such as conducting and presenting research and ethical issues in publication. Customized training sessions such as the one conducted in Korea by Mr. Syed are designed to understand the needs of authors and develop training material to suit their needs and make training programs more effective.