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Handpicked favourites: A collection of our team's favorite infographic articles
We're celebrating our 4th anniversary throughout November. The last 4 years have been a rewarding experience for each member of our team. What better way to celebrate our anniversary month than by...
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Editage Insights celebrates its 4th anniversary: Join us for exciting content, giveaways, and more!
Editage Insights turns 4 in November! We’d like to express heartfelt gratitude to you – our readers – for your continued support. Over these years, the Editage Insights community has grown bigger and...
Books, Resources, and Tools
Digital tools for literature search and reference management
Over the last few years, numerous digital tools have made their way into the scholarly world to help researchers juggle with the multiple roles they have to play. This post introduces some of the...
Publication Buzzwords
Inadequate representation of women in STEM research: The leaky pipeline
Most of us are aware that women are underrepresented in academia. At different stages of life, distinct social-psychological factors contribute to the high attrition rate of women in STEM fields,...
Global Trends
China's reverse brain drain: Why Chinese researchers are choosing to return to China?
Since the last 20 years, China has focused on becoming a global leader in innovation and there are indications that the country is succeeding. Today, China has become a land of opportunities not just...
Manuscript Structure
Why you shouldn’t rely on p values
P value is the most commonly reported statistic in research papers, and yet is widely misunderstood and misused. Recently, the American Statistical Association (ASA) released the “Statement on...
Digital devices more likely to cause sleep disruption in children than in adults
A recently published paper establishes how the use of digital media during the...
How journal publishing works
This infographic depicts the journey of a manuscript from submission to...

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15,000 scientists sign a global warning for humanity
In 1992, 1,700 scientists including almost all of the living Nobel laureates at the time, signed a World Scientists Warning to Humanity. Global trends have only worsened since then. Deforestation,... Read More
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Three-dimensional nanomagnets to refine devices of the future
Storing and transmitting information in two-dimensional circuits of electronic devices has been possible since the 60’s. Expanding the possibilities, the University of Cambridge has now created a... Read More



Featured Interview

Gail Schofield is a marine ecologist with over two decades of research experience in coastal area management and conservation of endangered species. She has considerable experience as an academic author and peer reviewer and is on the editorial board of two journals. In recent years, Gail has been exploring using alternative formats, e.g., video abstracts, plain language summaries, to translate her research findings to show the impact of her work on conservation management practices. She has also been trying various research promotion methods to increase the impact of her work.

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