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This video talks about some of the best tools to make your systematic literature process fast and accurate. The speaker of the video is Karel Patrek, who has a D. Phil…
VIDEO: What tools can I use to conduct systematic reviews?
 Mental health advocate Divya Utreja talks about what debriefing is, why it is important in research, and how you may do it effectively and efficiently.
VIDEO: What is participant debriefing and how should I debrief my study participants?
If you've ever wondered how to identify trustworthy publications, watch this video. Miguel shares valuable insights on distinguishing between predatory and authentic…
VIDEO: How do I distinguish between a predatory and an authentic journal?
Dive into the dynamic realm of research methodologies with this video on prospective and retrospective study designs. The video explores the nuances that distinguish…
VIDEO: Difference between a prospective and retrospective study
In this video, Divya Utreja, Editor, Psychology and Psychosocial Healthcare, explains some important do's and don'ts before, during, and after research that will help…
In this video, we'll guide you through structuring your ideas logically, emphasizing the significance of subsections, in order to enhance the impact of your research.
Take a look at our video on cultivating an inclusive and sensitive tone in academic writing.
In this video, learn how to create the perfect abstract for your research paper and strike the perfect balance between brevity and information, and capture the essence…
This video talks about the pivotal role images play in conveying scientific discoveries, while also addressing the ethical pitfalls that can arise.
Sharing data in an open repository increases a study’s transparency, allowing other researchers to validate and reproduce the findings. As a result, open access to…