Video: What is participant debriefing and how should I debrief my study participants?

What is participant debriefing and how should I debrief my study participants?

Debriefing in a research study refers to the process of providing participants with additional information about the study after their involvement is complete. It is an ethical practice designed to inform participants about the purpose, goals, and nature of the research they participated in. It typically occurs at the conclusion of a participant's involvement in a study, but in some cases, researchers may provide ongoing updates throughout the research process.

Debriefing is particularly important in studies involving human subjects, where informed consent is a fundamental ethical principle. It ensures that participants are treated with respect and are fully aware of the research they have participated in. It also helps maintain trust between researchers and participants, contributing to the overall integrity of the research process.

Watch this video to understand what debriefing involves and how you can do it the right way!

The speaker of this video is Divya Utreja, a mental health advocate and an editor, who is actively trying to contribute to a better and inclusive world, one person at a time. After completing her post graduation from Punjab University, she received the opportunity to coordinate Nayi Dishayeen, a government project assessing multiple intelligence, and provided career counselling to government school students in Gurugram, Haryana. She has published several research papers and articles on Clinical and Positive Psychology. She is a trained therapist for mental health concerns, which has also helped her enhance her understanding of research.Top of Form


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