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Publication Ethics
How an author can deal effectively with coercive citation requests
Some journal editors ask authors to include inappropriate or irrelevant citations in their papers in an effort to artificially inflate the journal's impact factor. If such a request is made before...
Manuscript Structure
Why you shouldn’t rely on p values
P value is the most commonly reported statistic in research papers, and yet is widely misunderstood and misused. Recently, the American Statistical Association (ASA) released the “Statement on...
Tables and Figures
Row and column headings in tables
A typical data table in a research paper is a matrix of rows and columns. This post describes how the row and column headings should amplify the table title.
Publication Buzzwords
Apart from prestige and recognition, the Nobel Prize confers on its winners a significant cash award. What do the Nobel Laureates do with their prize money? Do they make expensive purchases for...
Career Advancement
Should you consider crowdfunding for your next research project?
Although the benefits of scientific research are not always quantifiable, it’s quite safe to say it benefits us all. But the process of examining and analyzing data for scientific knowledge needs...
I am all-new to medical research and its community. Whenever I look for...
5 Nobel Laureate Couples - Partners in life and science
It is very rare that two researchers from the same family receive the Nobel...

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New study unravels secrets of planet formation
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Meet Leonid Schneider, a cell biologist, science journalist, prolific cartoonist, and a passionate communicator. Following a PhD in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from the University of Dusseldorf in Germany, Leonid held several postdoctoral positions as a stem cell researcher. After gaining 13 years of research experience in molecular cell biology, Leonid began talking about science through his blog "For better Science," where he explores current issues in academia using an investigative approach.

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Biochemistry, Genetics, and Molecular Biology
Mapping the DNA damage caused by smoking cigarettes
A research team headed by Nobel laureate Aziz Sancar, MD,...
Earth and Planetary Science
How climate change can affect sleep
Sleep is extremely important for humans to remain healthy....