May, 2014

Editage makes public its ethical research and publication policy

Editage, a leading provider of editorial and publication support services for the global research community, has announced its commitment to ethical publication practices through the release of the Editage Ethical Research and Publication Policy. The comprehensive policy, effective in its entirety from May 2014, will be accessible to researchers globally across all Editage-branded websites.

In recent years, a growing researcher population and increasing pressure to get published have expanded the scope for ethical misconduct in the academic community. While some of it may be deliberate, a large share of misconduct encountered in manuscript preparation and publication is due to lack of adequate information or awareness on the subject. Given this, educating authors on the pitfalls of ethical oversight and establishing a measure of ethical control before a manuscript is submitted to a journal is an efficient way of curbing misconduct.  

Having been deeply involved in the publication of global academic research for over a decade, we believe this is an opportune time for us to use our experience to contribute to the cause of ethical science, especially in light of the growing number of cases of suspected ethical misconduct. At Editage, we have always strived to be sensitive to researchers’ needs. The ethical policy initiative is another step to support the community by establishing clear protocol that emphasizes publication ethics. Our approach is two-pronged: we will educate authors on best practices and other aspects of publication ethics and optimize our internal delivery processes for early detection and resolution of potential cases of ethics violation.

The Editage Ethical Research and Publication Policy is in line with Editage’s vision of serving as trusted advisors to the global research community, especially the expanding demographic of early-career scientists from native- and non-native-English speaking countries.

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