Jan, 2014

Editage workshop series in Korea

Editage workshop series in Korea

In January 2014, Editage organized a series of workshops for researchers and journal editors at various locations in Korea. The workshops were conducted by experienced Editage trainer Elizabeth Wager and were attended by over 200 researchers and journal editors. Through these training workshops, Elizabeth covered topics that are relevant to researchers as well as journal editors.

The workshop Understanding peer review to increase your chances of acceptance was a practical 3-hour seminar for researchers. In this session Elizabeth spoke about the need for researchers to get published, the players in the peer-review process, what journals want. She also discussed how researchers should plan and prepare their publication, choose the right journal, write a persuasive cover letter, and respond to peer review comments.

The session on How to write a scientific paper and understanding peer review to increase your chances of acceptance was divided into two parts. In the first part, Elizabeth advised researchers on publication planning, took them through different parts of a research manuscript, and listed the obvious mistakes that they should avoid when writing research papers. In the second part, Elizabeth focused on the peer review process, different peer review systems, understanding journal expectations, and factors to consider when identifying a journal.

Another workshop—Authorship, contributorship, and alternate systems of peer review—was designed for journal editors and discussed authorship criteria, accountability, author selection, and group authorship among other things. During this session, Elizabeth also spoke about alternate systems of peer review, traditional peer review systems, journal consortia, publisher cascades, and radical variations in the peer review system.

Through these workshops, participants were able to gain a better understanding of a range of topics related to publication—from writing a manuscript to understanding more about the peer review process and how they can improve their chances of publication.

Since 2002, Editage has been committed to educating authors, editors, and researchers about effective scientific communication. In keeping with this commitment, Editage organizes workshops, webinars, and personalized trainings conducted by leading academic writing experts and trainers. Our training programs are designed to educate and guide researchers and journal editors on various aspects of publishing. Editage has also launched Editage Insights, a portal exclusively dedicated to helping researchers understand and develop good publication practices.