Mar, 2015

Editage launches a co-branded partnership with Canadian Science Publishing to offer presubmission editing services

February 17, 2015 (Philadelphia, PA, USA) - Editage, a global scientific communication services provider, and Canadian Science Publishing (CSP), a not-for-profit publisher, announced the start of a co-branded editorial services portal dedicated to serving research communities. Through this partnership, Editage will offer services to help authors, particularly those whose first language is not English, craft well-written manuscripts for submission to an NRC Research Press journal. Authors planning to submit their articles to an NRC Research Press journal are entitled to a 15% discount on each of the Editage services available through the co-branded partnership with Canadian Science Publishing.

Speaking on the partnership, Cameron Macdonald, Executive Director, Canadian Science Publishing, says “We’re excited to partner with Editage and help authors achieve greater success in their manuscript preparation and submission. A well-crafted manuscript makes it easier for peer reviewers to assess the science and reduces the risk of a paper with good scientific content getting rejected because of poor English or lack of clarity.”

Donald Samulack, President of U.S. Operations for Editage, comments that “Authors around the world trust Editage services to help them gain presence in the world literature. The world has become so flat that it is starting to curl, and Asian authors strive to publish in the Western literature. Canadian Science Publishing, by offering manuscript editing services through Editage, is serving a global need to make available to their readership the well-written high-quality research they seek, no matter the country or language of origin.”

The co-branded partnership with Canadian Science Publishing is one of several partnerships through which Editage helps publishers get closer to their authors.

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Canadian Science Publishing (CSP), head-quartered in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) is an independent, not-for-profit scholarly publisher dedicated to serving the needs of researchers and their communities, not only by publishing quality peer-reviewed journals, but also by supporting the knowledge-sharing activities of scholarly societies and other key partners through events, awards, and other exchanges. CSP proudly partners with industry leaders to provide trusted and innovative solutions for authors and readers around the world. Visit and follow @cdnsciencepub on Twitter.

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