Oct, 2017

American OpenScience partners with Editage to offer author services

(October 31, 2017; Philadelphia, U.S.) American OpenScience (AOS), operated by ResearchSwift LLC, announced that it has entered a partnership with Editage, the flagship brand of Cactus Communications. AOS will offer pre-submission manuscript preparation and language editing services, powered by Editage, to authors at a discounted price through their website. The publishing policies of AOS aim to promote open science in research publishing that includes open access, open data, open methodology, and open peer review. The open science movement has gained tremendous momentum in the past few years and many open access publishers are adopting open transparent peer reviews. AOS believes that every finding from a careful research study is important to be published, including, null findings and scientifically justified replications that not only contribute to a cumulative knowledge base, but also save other researchers’ time, effort, and resources.

Javid Mohammed, Co-founder, AOS, was very excited about the new partnership and integration, “It was an easy choice for us to select Editage as a partner. In addition to their massive pool of experts and high-quality services, Editage is a big proponent of open access, open data, and transparent peer review. A dedicated technology team at Editage also helped us integrate their services directly through the AOS website.”

Donald Samulack, President U.S. Operations, Editage, also expressed his enthusiasm about the launch of a partnership with a new publishing platform, “We are very pleased to support the AOS author community. Although AOS has been established only recently, their philosophy resonates with us. Their publishing model is free of biases and much faster owing to the post-publication open peer review. This makes it even more important for the published work to have the highest language quality.”

AOS will publish articles immediately after a quick review by in-house editors, followed by transparent peer review by independent author-invited referees. Authors can use language editing services, offered by Editage, to ensure that the language used in the manuscripts submitted to AOS is suitable for publication.

About American OpenScience

American OpenScience (AOS) is an online, open access, open review, open data, multidisciplinary, rapid and transparent publishing platform. AOS publishes original, high quality research within all major academic disciplines. In order to promote reproducibility and data reusability in research, all research articles published by AOS include source-data (where applicable) and complete information about methodology used. AOS operates a transparent post-publication peer review model. Referee reports and details of referees including their name, designation, and affiliation are made publicly available. All articles published by AOS are assigned a CrossRef-DOI (Digital Object Identifier issued by CrossRef) and are immediately indexed in Google Scholar. Only the articles that pass post-publication peer review will be indexed in other discipline-specific indexing services.

About Editage

Founded in 2002, Editage (a division of Cactus Communications) is a global scholarly communications company with offices in Japan, China, South Korea, India, and the United States. Employing a global in-house workforce of over 700, Editage has served over 215,000 authors and edited over 810,000 papers across 1,200 disciplines to date. Editage aims to help scholars break through the confines of geography and language, bridge the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and accelerate the process of publishing high-quality research. In addition to offering high-end scientific communication solutions, Editage is actively involved in author education through its comprehensive author resources site Editage Insights. Please visit www.editage.com to learn more.