December, 2019

Bright Future for Nuclear Energy—Editage conducts first workshop at the Homi Bhabha National Institute

Scientific publication in burgeoning atomic energy research gets a boost with pioneering strategies by Editage

(Dec 17, 2019) Over 150 researchers and doctoral students at the Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI) attended a workshop conducted by Editage that offered extensive insights into scientific publication. The four-hour workshop was helmed by academic experts who spent two hours each detailing a wide range of topics like research manuscript preparation, ethics, and strategy.

Dr Sunaina Singh, professional academic trainer, led the talk on how to structure a scientific manuscript to impress Science Citation Index journal editors. She addressed topics like avoiding rejection, the ethics of research publication, and critically steering clear of retractions. Dr Yateendra Joshi, researcher at World Institute of Sustainable Energy and an Editage trainer, elaborated on how to select the right journal. He offered insights into tailoring submission packages to improve chances of publication and writing effective responses to reviewer comments.

The association with HBNI comes at a time when India is spearheading research in the application of atomic energy towards improving indigenous capabilities in South Asia. Applications include domestic, military, healthcare and energy solutions, seawater desalination, and a wide range of industrial applications. India has some of the oldest functioning nuclear reactors in the world and a record of safe operation, and is currently engaged in adding capacity. Editage, with its standards of excellence in publication strategies and unique position of communication expertise, is best positioned to help scientists expand the reach of such vital research globally. With the support of Editage, the vision of HBNI is set to become a reality.

Dr. A. K. Dureja, Associate Dean and Professor of HBNI, is optimistic about the impact of such collaboration on the future of communicating indigenous research. He says, “Atomic energy is one of India’s leading fields of research, and we have the best minds from across the nation at our institutes. I believe that equipping our researchers with knowledge from the workshops will go a long way in helping us communicate our cutting-edge research widely. This will advance nuclear research and its technology appreciation globally.”

Ashutosh Ghildiyal, Head of Institutional Partnerships at CACTUS, is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with HBNI. Ghildiyal says, “Strategic publication is one of the most high-impact activities for a research institute to build their brands. This will invite more interdisciplinary, international, and cross-industry collaborators from across the globe. We were happy to receive so much interest from the faculty and students at the Homi Bhabha National Institute to improve the chance of their publication.”