November, 2019

Cactus Communications Supports the Open Scholarship Initiative

OSI (Nov 14, 2019) Cactus Communications (CACTUS), a global scholarly, medical communications, and technology solutions company, is proud to have offered financial support to the Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI). OSI is a diverse, inclusive, global network of high-level experts and stakeholder representatives who work together in partnership with UNESCO to develop acceptable, comprehensive, and sustainable solutions to the future of open scholarship.

“We are pleased to offer our support to OSI. Our newly forged relationship gives us a valuable opportunity to share in the dialogue with thought leaders in the scholarly publishing community, to work toward academic enrichment, openness, and the betterment of the global scholarly community,” said Dr. Donald Samulack, President, US Operations of Editage, the flagship brand of Cactus Communications.

The scholarly publishing landscape is changing. Every year around 3 million research papers are published, and each paper is unique in its own way. “There are a range of important issues related to scholarly publishing, including open access, open data, and open science, and we are in full support of the one voice framework of OSI. We believe that OSI, through its leadership and governance, will encourage significantly more industry collaboration, and that this will be a game changer for the global scholarly publishing industry, as we attempt to collectively address important issues on the landscape,” added Samulack.

OSI has a variety of projects and funding-solicitation efforts actively underway that are expected to secure operational resources to develop a variety of planned reports, technologies, and other resources. “We’re very excited to have CACTUS on board,” says Glenn Hampson, the OSI Program Director. “It’s particularly important for OSI to be able to understand the concerns and perspectives of the global South and East in this effort, and to communicate to audiences in these regions. CACTUS is uniquely positioned to fill both of these needs with huge experience and authority. We look forward to seeing what we’ll be able to accomplish together.”