March, 2020

Cactus Communications processes close to 200 manuscripts on COVID-19 research pro bono

(Mar 24, 2020) In February 2020, Cactus Communications, a global scientific communications company, had started offering pro bono manuscript preparation and research promotion services to authors researching the 2019 novel coronavirus, now named COVID-19, outbreak. These pro bono services were made available in all our markets with the aim of promoting COVID-19 research.

As of March 20, 2020, CACTUS received 190 requests for pro bono services, with 62% of the requests coming from China, followed by South Korea (22%), Japan (13%), and other countries (4%). Comments from submitting researchers highlighted their commitment to contributing to the body of research on the subject and the urgency in getting the research published.

Given the global situation and the impetus that COVID-19 research needs, CACTUS will continue to offer the pro bono services until April 30, 2020.

The translation, editing, and artwork formatting services are offered under the Editage brand and infographics and research news stories under the Impact Science brand.

Pro bono translation, editing, and artwork formatting services can be accessed here:

Pro bono infographics and research news story services can be accessed here: