March, 2020

Workflow management app for CACTUS freelance editors registers over 1700 downloads

(Mar 30, 2020) Cactus Communications, a global scientific communications company, launched a first-of-its-kind app for its freelance editors in September 2019. As of March 26, 2020, the app registered over 1700 downloads across Android and iOS platforms.

The CRM CACTUS app allows freelance editors working with CACTUS to access their dashboard and accept assignments on the go. The app also allows editors to choose what they want to be notified about and access assignment history, client feedback, and the popular “Karma” dashboard (Karma points are an incentive system whereby editors can earn points based on criteria like number of assignments completed in a week, client feedback received, etc.).

Since the launch of the app, CACTUS has seen around 55% of assignments getting accepted within one hour after being made available on the system. Chitresh Jain, Chief Product Officer at CACTUS, spoke about the need for the app: “About 2000 freelance language and publication experts from all over the world are associated with Editage, CACTUS’s flagship brand that offers author support services. We wanted to offer our freelance editors the flexibility to accept assignments on the go and not be shackled to their laptop or desktop. Besides, prompt acceptance of assignments by our experts eliminates deadtime, which gives editors the time needed to polish the manuscripts and offer our customers the quality we promise. The feedback we have received so far shows that we are working in the right direction.”

The app is currently available only to CACTUS’s freelance editors who work on editorial services offered under the Editage brand. There are plans on adding features that will improve user experience, such as allowing editors to preview files more easily and shortlisting assignments that the editor may be interested in.

The app is available on Android and iOS.