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Editage is the flagship brand of Cactus Communications, an organization committed to making scholarly communications accessible globally. Our in-house full-time workforce is 500+ strong while our freelancer pool has 1000+ editors.
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Creativity strikes at all hours, be it late afternoon or early morning. A freelance position will give you the opportunity to work whenever you can, wherever you can.

Regular Inflow of Assignments

With 169000+ clients, we can provide regular assignments, and we value freelancers who consistently provide us with quality work.

Our rates are competitive and you have the freedom to plan your targets and earn corresponding salaries.


Systems and Processes

With an efficient workflow-management system and in-house personnel available for troubleshooting, we ensure that you are able to deliver your work in a hassle-free manner.
  • Value for Freelancers
  • Value for Freelancers
  • Value for Freelancers
  • Value for Freelancers

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