2015 ALPSP Awards honor Kudos and Michael Jubb

2015 ALPSP Awards honor Kudos and Michael Jubb

The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) is an international trade association of non-profit organizations and institutions that publish scholarly content. Established in 1972, it is currently the largest association of scholarly and professional publishers in the world with more than 300 members in 40 countries.

The annual ALPSP Awards for 2015 were announced at the ALPSP Conference on Thursday, September 10. The awards were presented in the following categories:

The ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing

These awards highlight any new development, product, or service that demonstrates excellence in innovation and is of significant value to scholarly communication. The winners for this year were selected from 9 finalists based on the highest levels of innovation, benefits to the scholarly community, and a sustainable business model. 

The winner of the ALPSP Awards for Innovation in Publishing was Kudos, a web-based toolkit that helps researchers and publishers increase the impact and visibility of published research. The judges particularly appreciated the fact that Kudos is not a closed community, and can be used for any publication with a CrossRef DOi and works across all publishers and platforms.

Also, the ‘Highly Commended’ awards for this category were given to:

  • JSTOR Dailya magazine that makes scholarly research available to a wider audience by publishing news that draws on scholarly research and offers open access to research available on JSTOR.org
  • Overleaf, a collaborative cloud based tool which makes the process of writing, editing and publishing scientific manuscripts easier and quicker, and facilitates collaboration among researchers

The other finalists were:

1. Bookmetrix: A collection of performance metrics for books from Altmetric and Springer SBM

2. CHORUS: A non-profit membership organization offering sustainable public access to research

3. eLife Lens: An open-source reading tool from eLife

4. Impact Vizor: A product of HighWire Press that helps editors and publishers see the research impact of the articles they publish and the ones they reject.

5. RightFind XML: A tool for mining from the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)

6. The Xvolution board game from the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand.

The ALPSP Award for Contribution to Scholarly Publishing

Each year, this award honors a scholar for his/her longstanding achievements and commitment towards or service to the scholarly publishing community.

The recipient of this award was Michael Jubb, the Director of Research Information Network (RIN) since 2005. Jubb has had a distinguished career in research policy, funding, and administration and is regarded as one of the UK’s leading experts in scholarly communications. He was secretary to the group that produced the original Finch report in 2012 and the subsequent report in 2013. He is currently heading a team that will present a report later this year on the transition to open access in the UK and the rest of the world. Prior to RIN, Michael Jubb was the deputy secretary of the British Academy and the deputy chief executive of the Arts and Humanities Research Board. 

Congratulations to the winners!

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